Bruno hospitalized, Julie on an internship in Sète and Bart sees Adèle

Discover the detailed summary of Tomorrow belongs to us in advance season 6 of episode 1348 broadcast on Wednesday January 25, 2023 on TF1 with François who learns more about Muriel, Alain’s mistress.

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François with an open heart with Charlie, he is turned upside down

Read the full summary of Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1348 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday January 25, 2023 (see the summaries in advance of Tomorrow belongs to us ): the recap of the previous episode Tomorrow belongs to us from 01/24/2023 is online. Nouvelletes-Télé.com offers you the full summary of the episode #TomorrowWeBelong below.

Adam has a slight head trauma following the fall, William announces to François that he will remain under observation during the day. Lisa questions Adam but he doesn’t remember anything. The person searched and stole a file on his mother’s estate.
François has the impression that he is disturbing someone by being interested in his father.

Roxane and Sara go to the cemetery: Sara is afraid that Bart will come across a psychopath because he is fragile. The girls want to find the grave of Adèle’s guy who died. The girls found 3 graves that could match: Roxane went through the condolence sites. It would be Teddy Fournier who would have died at the age of 22.

Georges went back to the prepaid telephone which sent the threatening call to François. The person had bought the telephone in Frontignan.

ROxane tomorrow belongs to us

Roxane and Sara search for the grave of Adele’s ex-companion

Lisa and Aurore come to see Stéphane Novais (the neighbor of Alex’s farmhouse), Alain’s brother-in-arms. He was a discreet and upright man in his boots.

Nathan takes Julie to the airport… Bruno calls Julie to tell her that he is feeling unwell near the town hall. She calls for help. Nathan tells him he must have just had too much to drink.
The emergency services found Bruno unconscious, he was no longer breathing without assistance. Nathan minimizes the facts because he is afraid that Julie will be disappointed.

Nordine finds something in the cushion of the cardboard that the person was searching. Inside, there were hidden love letters…which were sent by a certain Muriel and sent to her father Alain. François says that Muriel was Alain’s mistress.

Bart tomorrow belongs to us

Sara admits to Bart that it changes Roxane’s ideas to investigate Adèle

Roxane and Sara learn that Adèle’s companion died in a car accident: Adèle was in the car, but she got out unscathed.

Tomorrow belongs to us in advance episode 1348 of January 25, 2023: Bruno plunged back into alcohol

William announces to Nathan and Julie that the symptoms could correspond to a drug/alcohol overdose. Bruno should be fine. Nathan calls the specialist clinic in Montpellier where Bruno was being treated for alcoholism. Bruno recognizes in front of Julie and Nathan that he drank… his heart took dearly from the bad interaction with the drugs. Bruno is touched that his children are there.
Julie announces to Bruno and Nathan that she is going to do her internship at the Saint Clair hospital.


Novais lies to the police

François and Charlie meet on the beach to talk about his father’s correspondence with Muriel. Alain exchanged many poems with Muriel.
Nordine comes across a photo of Lehaut / Novais and Muriel. Novais lied, he said he didn’t know Alain had a mistress.

Bruno tomorrow belongs to us

Bruno admits having once again fallen for alcohol

Bart waits at the cemetery for Adele to pass…and they bump into each other. Adele panics and runs off.

François is driving and believes he sees his father on foot: he stops everything but the man tells him that they don’t know each other. François is totally destabilized.

The highlights of Tomorrow belongs to us from January 26, 2023: what to remember

Adele tomorrow belongs to us

Adele finds herself face to face with Bart

– Love letters between Alain Lehaut and Muriel are found
-Stéphane Novais did not tell the police everything
– Bart and Adèle meet at the cemetery but she panics
– François confides in Charlie about his past
– Roxane and Sara discover that Adèle’s companion died in a car accident
– Bruno is hospitalized
– Julie wants to do her internship at Saint Clair
To be continued the summary Tomorrow belongs to us episode 1349 (season 6) from Thursday, January 26, 2023.

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Bruno hospitalized, Julie on an internship in Sète and Bart sees Adèle – Tomorrow belongs to us January 25, 2023 (episode 1348)