Camera released the tongue of the murderer who “proudly” confessed to the crime

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Just having one photographic camera in front can make more than one nervous, especially those suspects to commit a crimewho do everything possible to escape the gaze of that lens.

However, the same thing does not happen in all cases, since there are very individuals in which criminals rather feel comfortable and even attracted to the cameras.

Egon Arroyo, a former agent who worked as a photographer in the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ)experienced first-hand one of those very particular cases, as he witnessed how a murderer’s tongue loosened when he saw that he was being recorded.

“The camera was the one that made him speak,” said the former investigator.

“It can be said that of the largest cases at that time, it fell to me to take the photographs of several.”

Egón Arroyo, former OIJ agent.

Arroyo told the tile that this is one of the cases that he remembers the most after having worked for more than 18 years in the Judicial policebecause it still seems amazing to him that that man felt like a movie actor when he confessed, before his camera, the homicide from a coworker.

For his work as one of the first photographers of OIJArroyo had to witness and photograph terrible scenes one of the most notorious cases in the country’s history, such as the attacks committed by the so-called “Psychopath” and the mysterious homicide of viviana gallardoto name a few.

“Photography is something very important to discover the rest of a case, because you see something and telling someone else that image can be distorted, while photography is something tangible, which is there and is evidence,” said Egon.

Arroyo began his career at the OIJ on May 1, 1981, when he joined the Ocular Inspections and Evidence Collection Sectionwhose agents are the first to attend the scene of a homicide either accident.

“Each one had a job, usually there was one who was in charge of the footprintsanother to lift evidences and another to drink Photographsand what I liked the most was taking photos.

“As I was very involved in that, they offered me to take a crime photography and video course, so they sent me with a colleague from the photography section to a television production company, which was where they made the videos of Los Hicsos, Jaque Mate. and all the groups of the eighties”, he recalled.

“At that time I was carrying the camera and the boy who had killed the other man ended up telling me how he committed the murder.”

Egón Arroyo, former OIJ agent.

Although he does not specify the exact date, Arroyo said that a few years after that training, the peculiar case of the murderer who loosened his tongue and confessed his crime occurred.

Egon Arroyo

That case began after the OIJ was alerted to a homicide happened in a sawmilllocated in White Street of Goicoecheanot far from the old El Tobogán ballroomin which a man was stabbed on multiple occasions.

The former agent recalled that when he and his colleagues arrived on the scene, they discovered that the Public force He had already arrested a suspect.

Motivated by his facet of investigatorArroyo was not limited to taking photos of the scene but also approached the stopped to see if I could get some information out of him. In the end, she ended up getting a surprise, because she received more than she expected.

“He saw the camera and all that, so he felt interested, it was as normal as if he was going to do a music videohe himself began to explain everything to me and I was recording it.

“I was like doing scenes, it was like a movie, that was the only case that I could do like that, because it was not common for someone to say: ‘Yes, I was the one who did it. killed, and I did it this way,’” the former agent recalled.

Arroyo said that he does not remember exactly how that case ended, since the development of the investigation corresponded to other colleagues; However, he assured that he will never forget the very particular way in which things happened.

“The boy was so offered, it was as if he felt a cinema actorand it is that in those days recording on video and all that was not ordinary, so he deigned to do it, without pressure or anything, he explained absolutely everything to us, even how he came to kill to the partner,” he added.

According to the former agent, if you remember correctly, that homicide was apparently related to a subject passional and of jealousy.

Another of the cases in which Arroyo took photographs and videos was the well-known crime of The Cross of Alajuelitawhich occurred on April 6, 1986. That event marked him, because by fate he knew the victims of that heinous fact.

That tragic day they lost their lives Marta Eugenia Zamora Martínez, 41, as well as her daughters María Gabriela, 16; María Auxiliadora, 11, and Carla Virginia, 9; also his nieces Alejandra, 13 years old; Carla María, 11, and María Eugenia, 4 years old. That crime is attributed to the so-called “Psychopath”.

“At that time my mother sold ice cream in Hatillo 2 and those little girls always came to buy ice creamsWhen I arrived at the scene and found out that it was about them, it was something that moved me a lot.

“It was shocking because I also knew the mother and they were little ones that one always saw, so arriving at that scene and seeing them there causes one great sadness,” Arroyo recalled.

“I had to take the photos, just as you carry the bodies.”

Egón Arroyo, former OIJ agent.

Egon also took the photographs and videos of another murder scene that was attributed to the Psychopathit was the case for the death of Lilliana Mayela Guerrero Bonilla18 years old, whose body appeared in the bed of a ravine in San Antonio de Escazu. That crime occurred on May 13, 1985.

Like other officials of the OIJ who were on the trail of PsychopathArroyo was left with the bad taste that his identity could never be verified to bring him to justice.

“In my opinion, there were two scenarios: sometimes he acted alone and at other times he acted with someone else, I think it was like a guard or something like that, which was close to buildingsbecause generally homicides were close to buildings and of riverswhere he washed and hid the camouflaged uniform that he had, because they say he was pretending to be a policeman.”

In addition to that unfortunate case, Arroyo also recalled his participation in the murder of viviana gallardowhich occurred on July 1, 1981 in a cell at the General Directorate of the Civil Guard. Gallardo is remembered for being part of the radical group known as The family.

“That day I was receiving complaints at the office and when it came out they immediately sent me there to take the photos,” he added.

In addition, Arroyo recalled that during his time at the OIJ He was not only in charge of taking photos and collecting evidence, on one occasion he even had to serve as “deal maker”.

“I remember a case of a man who threatened the family in tibasI had my daughter and wife in a room at the top of the house and that was a sea of ​​policemen, there was a policeman every meter and all of them armed.

“I arrived and began to talk to the man, to the point that he let me in to where they were, I just thought that if he wanted me was shooting and I killedbut by talking I managed to convince him to give me the weapon and in the end he decided to turn himself in and thank God it didn’t go any further,” he explained.

According to Egon, on that occasion he decided to assume that role because he was very worried that something would go wrong and he would end up giving up. shootingin which some innocent could lose their life.

Arroyo said that there are still many people who think that taking Photographs of a crime scene is something very simple, but it really is a job of great care and great responsibility.

“Photography has to speak, it has to show where an object was located, it is not just a photo. The photographs and videos give the investigator a point to start from, because they will explain many things, such as whether an item was missing from the scene or a piece of clothing belonging to the person who was killed.”

Camera released the tongue of the murderer who “proudly” confessed to the crime