Carrió targeted Bullrich for wanting to use the Armed Forces and warned about JxC’s alliance with fascism |

CABA, Oct 18 (APFDigital)

– The leader of the Civic Coalition and founding member of Cambiemos, Elisa Carrió, questioned the idea of ​​Patricia Bullrich and other PRO leaders of using the Armed Forces in conflicts such as the one Rosario is going through with drug trafficking • She also referred to Javier Milei and warned that “if Together for Change were to have candidacies that are allied with fascism” it will run in the internal ones

“Lilita” conducted an analysis of the country’s situation and the global context, exposing new differences in Together for Change.

The former deputy perceives a boiling scenario in which at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2023 “there is the possibility of a social crisis” from the economic crisis. Despite her questioning of President Alberto Fernández, she pointed out that “she is the only person who can play a role and ensure institutional channels for there to be democracy” because “the fundamental fight in the world is between democracy and dictatorship”.

In statements to “Todo Noticias”, she stated that, despite some inmates, “she believes” that “Together for Change comes together in the elections”, but that she is “tired of talking about these things” and that she is “ashamed” discuss candidacies at this time: “I see the possible anarchy that is coming, anomie, social chaos… How do we organize a democratic transition? There are phenomena all over the world… VOX in Spain, which could be the victory of Marine Le Pen in France, the president of the Chamber of Deputies who takes office in Italy is pro-Putin, and Putin is saying that he is going to use mechanisms nuclear. I think Europe is in pre-world war”.

And he recalled that before the last great war, “the inflation crisis in Germany, the crisis in Italy… and people voted for a psychopath like Hitler, including part of the Jewish population; and in Italy “the Duce (Benito Mussolini)” appeared.

In this sense, he linked the world context with the libertarian deputy Javier Milei: “They participate in a neo-conservatism of the fascist type, they do not believe in democracy, they do not believe in the republic; on the one hand they believe in a capitalist anarchy and in some traditional values “. “The problem is not that it wins, the problem is that it doesn’t last,” he warned.

“Next year the individual responsibility of the voters will be at stake, regardless of who is elected. Either a constitutional democracy is chosen that values ​​the division of powers, human rights, and economic development, or some kind of fascism, whether from the left or from the right,” Carrió said, stating that “if Together for Change were to have candidates that are allied with fascism, I would present myself in the intern so that I am not guilty or an accomplice of the fascism that is coming”.

“I see upper-class people who say they are angry with politicians and say ‘I vote for Milei.’ Then hold yourself accountable: for child trafficking, for the end of democracy… hold yourself accountable,” she emphasized.

“Fascism is a wave, and I do not ride that wave. Some other leader, woman or man, can get on board -because the wave is the wave- but they don’t kick me out”, he added and warned that “there are some people who in Together for Change can -because of fame, power or wave- learn from a fascist undertaking.

For the leader of the Civic Coalition, “in the campaign the candidates say what the people want to hear and the people want to hear extreme speeches”, and there she sent another message to the interior of Together for Change but fundamentally to Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri and the PRO, which in recent weeks proposed reforming laws so that the Armed Forces can act in places like Villa Mascardi or Rosario:

“It’s a lie that to fight drug trafficking they are going to put in the armed forces,” he said. There is no army, a corporal or a non-commissioned officer earns 50 thousand pesos, what we are doing is handing over the armed forces to drug traffickers because we do not take care of dignifying and training the armed forces, so it is a lie”, InfoBae published.

“I would vote for a person who knew that he is not going to be anti-Republican, that in no case is he going to steal state resources or impoverish the poorest. I don’t care if she is from Together for Change or not, ”she concluded. (APFDigital)

Carrió targeted Bullrich for wanting to use the Armed Forces and warned about JxC’s alliance with fascism |