Catalia hunted by a psychopath: worried, the presenter of Marseille tells

In 2018, a new booker appeared in The people of Marseilles : Asian Tour, and her name is Catalia. As you know, at each destination, the merry band of southerners meet a godmother or godfather who will guide them on the jobs to be done in their country of origin. Shortly after this shooting, David Lantin, the famous animator of Marseille vs Rest of the World, leaves his post for other radio projects. So, from the fourth season of the cross, W9 hired a new presenter who was a great success with the candidates, but also with the public.

Beautiful and charismatic, Catalia Rasami has proven herself and will now be the official host of the competition which opposes Les Marseillais to the RDM each year. Moreover, it is rumored that she would currently be in Thailand to present Apprentice Adventurers 6, whose official cast has just been revealed. If Catalia is very discreet about her private life, the young woman has just shocked the web by recounting a spine-chilling misadventure.

Catalia stalked by a stranger? She makes chilling revelations

You know You ? This successful three-season series where Joe is obsessed with Beck, a young writer. Convinced that they are made for each other, he will use social networks to feed his obsession, know where she is permanently and if possible create a romance…

even if it means committing completely crazy acts. Well, Catalia is going through the exact same thing.

Frightened, she prepares her community for the story she will tell: Soon, I will show you the face of the psychopath who tracks me and harasses me (in real life, not only on the networks)! My suspicions were confirmed today. Almost flagrante delicto!”

Later, she returns to the video to explain everything in detail: “I’ve been sleeping badly for several days, I’m not reassured… It started at the beginning of March when I received a suspicious message from someone who had a shooting project for me. He wanted to talk to me on the phone From there, the telephone harassment started at night and the person was breathing into the handset and then hanging up. It has intensified in recent days: I hear scooters in front of my house at night and the tires on my scooter have been punctured twice in a row! Things disappear inside the house: a shoe, a towel,… I’m not well, I can’t sleep… Especially since my boyfriend is away. I hear noises around my house!”

“A psychopath is stalking me and that I will notify the police”

Determined to settle this story, Catalia takes her courage in both hands and decides to investigate against her stalker.

She tells : “Yesterday, I go to the café. The girls at the café, who know me well, tell me that a gentleman is asking for ‘private information about you’. Of course, they refused. I asked for the description of this man. He is a white man who presents well.

“I go to a place where I usually eat. I see a man sitting. Female instinct… I watch him, there is something with this guy. He stares at me and lowers his head. I position myself behind him and I snap. I warn the girls that a psychopath is tracking me and that I will inform the police! I went to snap all the license plates. (…) I had everything, his plate and his photo. He asks for the bill and breaks off on his motorbike! I go back to the other cafes where they saw him and four people recognized him. Tomorrow I’m going to the police and I’m going to give them everything and I’m not going to let go!


Catalia hunted by a psychopath: worried, the presenter of Marseille tells