Catalia: the Marseillais booker hunted down by a “psychopath”, she comes out of silence

This Monday, March 21, 2022, Catalia, the famous Marseillais booker, spoke on social networks to tell about the hell she has been living for several days. Harassed and stalked by a man, she finally discovered her identity and is about to file a complaint.

Catalia Rasami is an essential figure of W9. We had discovered the young woman as “booker” of the family of Marseilles in 2019 in The Marseillais Asian Tour. Catalia had caused a sensation and since then the chain has not let it go, since it animates the Cross every yearthe competition between Marseilles and the Rest of the world.

Catalia Rasami in Marseille in 2019 @téléstar

The pretty brunette is also a influencer followed by 412,000 people on Instagram. Catalia, very close to its community, has just made chilling secrets in story.

Catalia harassed and stalked by a “psychopath”

This Monday, March 21, 2022, Catalia Rasami has entrusted to live a very stressful situation for several days. She decided to reveal everything in Instagram story. The young woman explains thatshe is harassed and stalked on the networks and in real life obviously by a man malicious :

Surely you know the “You” series, well, that’s what I’m going through right now. I will soon show you the face of the psychopath who is tracking and harassing me in real life, not just on social media.

She tells how this whole story started, it was at the beginning of March:

It started at the beginning of March with a very suspicious message from someone who said he wanted to offer me a shoot and who wanted to talk to me on the phone. It has intensified in recent days, I have heard motorbikes stopping outside my house at night, my scooter’s tires have been punctured twice in a row in the same week, objects have started to disappear in my property…

It sends shivers down my spine… But the one she describes as “psychopath” didn’t stop there. She says that this mancalled regularly at night. When she picked up, no answer only breathing sounds on the other end of the line: ” like in the movies “.

Catalia the Marseillais booker: hunted down by a "psychopath" she breaks her silence

The facilitator surprises her criminal in “flagrante delicto”

Catalia Rasami was very stressed by this situation. Especially since her boyfriend was on the go at this moment. She finally says the outcome of this sordid story. Catalia learned more about this mysterious “stalker” and finally discovered his identity. She says she was going to her usual cafe, when the waiters informed her thata man had come to ask for information about her:

Catalia, last week a gentleman came to ask for information about you by showing your Instagram. He claimed to know your boyfriend and wanted to organize a surprise. He wanted private information about you, where you live etc.

The same scene happened to Catalia Rasami in two other restaurants. So she was able to have physical description of the man in question. A few hours later, she walks into another restaurant and sees a suspicious man and realizes that he is the “psychopath” in question. So she has took a picture of his face and his license plate. After getting confirmation from several restaurants, she decided to lodge a complaint against this man.

Catalia: the Marseillais booker hunted down by a “psychopath”, she comes out of silence