Chalchuapa murderer: 18 years in prison for rape

By Alessia Genoves

Chalchuapa murderer raped a minor. Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chávez is his name, a former agent of the National Civil Police (PNC) received 18 years in prison by the First Sentencing Court of Santa Ana, after being defeated in court for the crime of “Aggravated sexual violation of a minor and incompetent”to the detriment of a minor and incapable.

Rape and statutory rape have already been criminal charges that Osorio Chávez has charged from 2005 to 2012, events that marked his criminal record until his expulsion from the Police Corporation. One of the most recent events was recorded on the morning of May 7, 2021, where the prosecutor’s expertise determined that the murderer committed sexual abuse against Irma Cruz Luma, 57 years old, and Jaqueline Cristina Palomo Lima, 26. year old. Osorio Chávez was sentenced to 70 years in prison for the double femicide of both victims.


18 years in prison is the sentence that Osorio Chávez received, after being held responsible for the crime of aggravated rape. The charge was attributed by the First Sentencing Court of Santa Ana, after a complaint filed by the victim’s legal representative, in 2020. The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) detailed that the victim “a minor, with special abilities”.

Douglas Antonio Hernández Recinos, is the name of the person who would have the main criminal acts, in which Osorio Chávez would have participated directly. Unlike the latter, Hernández Recinos received a sentence of 36 years in prison, by the same court in which the former police officer was sentenced.

Judicial authorities publicly provided details of the events. As narrated, “In July 2020, Douglas Antonio Hernández Recinos found himself on a central street in Chalchuapa, in Santa Ana, with a minor with whom he is related. She and Hernández carried out some errands and her minor agreed to accompany him due to the fear that the subject generated from her because she had previously and on several occasions sexually assaulted her “.

They deceived the minor Hernández and Osorio. This is so, since “Far from shopping, he took her to the house of former police officer and femicide, Hugo Ernesto Osorio Chávez. The three went to the store to buy candy and when she returned, Osorio Chávez introduced her minor to a room in her house, where he sexually abused her.

The criminal responsibility against Herández is greater than that of Osorio, due to their degree of relationship. In addition, it was shown that he was the author who induced the minor to be sexually subdued by Osorio, taking advantage of her condition as “Minor with special abilities”in detail of the FGR.

According to investigations, Douglas took advantage of the closeness he had with the victim’s family to sexually assault her. Later, he began to rape her. The victim changed her place of residence, and days later she met Hernández who, with tricks, took her to Osorio’s house and he also abused her minor “was the version aired by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Osorio Chavez, background

Sexual controversies have dotted the reputation and legal status of the former agent, from 2005 to date. However, his neighbors in Cojutepeque defined him as a “kind and respectful person.” Other opinions also implicate him with the disappeared minor Daniela Villatoro, whose neighbors have declared to the Graphic Press (LPG) that she was doing “sexual innuendos”.

Of “psychopath profile”, persuasive, manipulative, Chávez was related to his victims, and relatives of the same. He has just been accused of the double femicide perpetrated on May 17, against victims who had evidence of sexual abuse: Irna Cruz Lima, 57, and Jacqueline Cristina Palomo Lima, 26.

Chávez, of course, received the conviction of 70 years in prison, for the double femicide, as declared by the Specialized Sentencing Court for a Life Free of Violence against Women (Leiv), of Santa Ana, on the date of 10 June 2022. The prosecutorial evidence showed that both victims had evidence of sexual assault.

Chalchuapa murderer: 18 years in prison for rape