Chilling story about the girl who survived the attack by one of the Ludueña brothers

“It’s a psychopathic family, because two brothers doing the same is from a psycho family“he stressed in Up Cordoba the aunt of the 16-year-old girl who in February 2022 was raped by Ruben Dario Luduena (31) in Cliffs. After abusing her, the man threw her in the middle of the field because thought she was dead.

Less than a year after that brutal attack, the rapist’s brother murdered Valeria Oviedo (21) in similar circumstances. The defendant for the femicide is Luis Alberto Luduena (38). Both natives of Monte Ralo are now imprisoned in Bouwer.

The aunt of the minor abused in 2022 reported that “Dario Ludueña was a friend of the family, he frequented the house”. He recounted that the night of the attack, February 19, the parades were taking place and his niece stayed at her grandmother’s house. “She was in penance, she couldn’t get out,” she commented on the typical sanctions of adolescence.

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“He contacted her by phone, she went out, I don’t know what she told her, she got in the car and told her ‘let’s go for a drive, I’m going to take you to the corsicans,'” added the woman, revealing the dramatic story.

From that moment the ordeal began. “He headed for the field, hit her, took her cell phone, subdued her, hit her and raped her”said the aunt about the episode in the middle of the night.

“The guy had everything planned. It is the same way that his brother used in this case of Valeriahe was a friend, a family acquaintance,” he stressed when demanding justice and the maximum penalty for the two detainees. “They are murderers,” he emphasized.

Photo: The arrest of the femicide of Valeria Oviedo.

simulated a search

The woman stated that the rapist left her unconscious niece in the middle of the field and returned to Despeñaderos to join the search that the victim’s family had started.

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He revealed that Ludueña returned several times to the place where she abandoned the girl “until last time he stabbed her in the neck and left her thinking she was dead.”

He came back to Despeñaderos to simulate a search and when she returned she had recovered,” the aunt recalled in a horror story.

The strength of the victim

In testimony with Up Cordobathe woman described that the girl “put on a little top on her neck so as not to bleed so much and began the walk towards an unknown place and arrived at the house of a family that was able to help her.”

That night it rained a lot, she arrived at the house half-naked. They helped her and brought her to the hospital. From there they transferred her to Córdoba,” he recalled.

He assured that the abuser was upset to have found out that the victim survived. “When he found out that she had spoken, he fled and crashed into a tree in Monte Ralo. She tried to kill herself,” she said.

“Now he is detained awaiting trial,” completed the aunt, who also regretted the consequences she caused to her niece: “She has her good days and other bad ones, she is under psychiatric treatment, but it destroyed her. killed her inside“.


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Chilling story about the girl who survived the attack by one of the Ludueña brothers