Christmas 2022: is a person who puts up their tree in November a psychopath?

While the month of December is still far away, many people have already installed their tree. Are they psychopaths?

This is the question that bothers internet users… Are the people who set up their 2022 Christmas tree in November psychopaths? Science has its say… So MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Christmas 2022 is fast approaching

Ah Christmas… This coveted holiday is getting closer and closer to the delight of young and old alike. Many are the people who are already preparing to celebrate the event.

Indeed, this magical period qui makes you dream prepare in advance. If only for the choice of outfit! At Christmas, everyone is beautiful during the family meal. And it’s not just a coincidencee.

And for good reason ! People usually choose their outfit in advance. At the moment at Zara, women are cracking for example for the black dress fitted at the waist. There is also the sensational Lidl sweater.

Everybody rips it off on social media. It’s up to you whether you want to wear the good old Christmas sweater, or rather be chic in front of your guests. But that’s not all ! Even before Christmas had started, the deco’ are springing up everywhere.

Whether in the city center, but also in shopping centers. There are pretty garlands that illuminate the passage. That is wonderful! Moreover, be aware that many people have already put up their Christmas tree.

Eh yes ! No sooner has November 1 started than some have already decorated their favorite tree. But then the question arises, this rush is it the result of a mental illness ? We tell you everything below.

When science speaks

Putting the cart before the horse by preparing your Christmas tree before time, is it serious doctor? Some then talk about psychological disorders. But don’t worry, it’s not!

Imagine that there is even a scientific explanation for it. So says psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, interviewed by Unilad:

“In a world filled with stress and anxiety, people like to see things that make them happy, and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings from childhood.”

Before adding: “Decorations are simply a gateway to those magical emotions of your childhood. By putting up the decorations earlier, you prolong those feelings of excitement.”

You have therefore understood, the preparation of the Christmas tree so is a feeling of nostalgiawhich testifies to a desire to “to relive the magic of the past or to make up for a bad past”.

Preparing your Christmas tree in November ndoesn’t mean you’re a psychopath. On the contrary, it helps your mental health!

And for good reason ! The simple act of decorating his house does a great deal of good to the mind. So imagine yourself adding colorful tinsel, love in every Christmas ball placed on your tree… What happiness that does great good!

Christmas 2022: is a person who puts up their tree in November a psychopath?