Chronicle / They air threatening messages towards the current Jonathan Santana!

Romina Delgado’s sister made public some chats that her sister had received from the player’s ex. (PHOTO: @roma_delgado / @brancatoale)

All controversy surrounding former Albirrojo player Jonathan Santana, his current wife Romina Delgado, and the footballer’s ex, Alejandra Brancato, raised dust again in recent hours, after Romina came out to comment in an interview that, with Jonathan started dating when he was already divorced and she separated from fellow baseball player Rodolfo Gamarra.

Romina Delgado with her sister, Charo, who aired the messages of Santana’s ex on networks. (PHOTO: @roma_delgado)

However, Brancato jumped avei yesterday to make it clear that her “best friend” and her then-husband had already been secretly in love since 2016, assuring that Romina got into her life, into their relationship and that for this, even he had moved next door to her house. Chan!

Now, Romina’s sister, Charo Delgado, aired on networks some “threatening” messages that her sister had received from Alejandra, from an Instagram account with the name of Elvira Brancato.

“Tired of shutting up the violence, harassment, harassment and threats of this woman named Alejandra Brancanto towards my family and mainly my sister,” Delgado begins by commenting, warning that if something happens to her sister, the culprit would be Santana’s ex: “I fear for her safety, I hold this woman publicly responsible for anything that may happen to her. The judicial part is already in process. How long do we have to keep putting up with this level of harassment and violence?” she added.



In the alleged chats that Brancato will have sent to Romina, the following can be read: “I am going to drive you crazy, you have no idea who you messed with, and threaten me that if I have something to say, I am going to tell you. in the face. And when you have me in front of you it will be as if you saw Lucifer himself.


Next, he recommends shooting himself, in addition to mentioning his mother and father, former baseball player Rogelio Delgado: “You will have no choice but to leave or shoot yourself, a sick psychopath, you are just as f… as your mother. You know who your mom was in the 70’s, 80’s. The most pu .. of all Asunción, I do not blame you, you have her blood, your father was going to play and she slept with all the players, “he continues reading.

“You should see how to quietly disappear from Jonathan’s life without screwing up his life, his property, his daughter, because everyone is going to know who the Delgado family is, what Mr. Rogelio does. They drop the whole theater ”, he continues in another stanza.

Near the end, the woman announces that she will be in Paraguay and even claimed to have connections with “criminals”: “I am going to be in Paraguay, my house, my country, and don’t be afraid, that as long as you don’t fuck with me, I’m not going to do any. But in the first one that you barde, I have connections here and there, of the heaviest, of the most delinquent types, damn that you can imagine only in your nightmares. With a whatsapp message I do what I want, ”she closed her.


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Chronicle / They air threatening messages towards the current Jonathan Santana!