Civitanova, an illegal immigrant kills his cousin. And the progressive press is silent

In Civitanova Marche the Nigerian community made its show, orchestrated by the Democratic Party and the social centers, throwing it on scientific victimism: we are non-animal people, they do not greet us if we pass, we want consideration, which means money, maintenance. Surreal, given that the murder of the peddler Alika had taken place at the hands of a prejudiced psychopath, moreover not from the place, and bothering racism rather than instrumental was insane. But it sounded good, we are in the electoral campaign and then everyone down, Nigerian community, Pd, Letta, campo largo, Don Vinicio Albanesi, reference newspapers, all on Meloni and Salvini with the club of imaginary racism, there was also a obsessed, certain Berizzi, who raves, in a comical way, on Twitter where he collects a tsunami of ironies. Everyone, even the sacred Nigerian community that when some of theirs murdered a young drug addict and then dismembered her, not having had time “to eat her”, as they ached on the phone, had not bothered at all.

Silent democratic press

Ten days later, a short distance away, in a children’s playground they find a bloodstained cutlass, like in a Diabolik comic; the blood of a Tunisian who died in the hospital in the meantime, where someone, in the shadows, had brought him. The progressive press was immediately excited, ah, that it would take one a day of these matters, then, unexpectedly, the reality was immediately clarified: settling of scores between drug dealers and between relatives, two cousins ​​who have been torn apart, both irregular. The democratic press has thus recoiled, with the tail between his legs: two lines in the news, quiet and good, we are waiting for the next opportunity, which Letta already has problems up to his hair.

And the next opportunity will come soon, but it will be another disappointment for all of these. It’s incredible the mayor of Civitanova Fabrizio Ciarapica, Forza Italia, when it comes out: “Ah, two deaths killed in ten days, here we have an emergency”. But what country do you run, Ciarapica? Do you know or don’t you know that your town has been in the concern of the police for some time, for years in terms of petty violence, drug dealing and related? He knows, but he does Alice in Wonderland. So let’s say things as they are, if only because we have direct knowledge, in these shores having survived for 40 years.

Adriatic emergency

Let’s say that the social priests can put it as they like, but here there is little racism, while the underworld is intertwined, organized, broken too much, indigenous or exotic as it is. Let’s say that drugs are in the hands of the Maghrebians and Nigerians while gambling is the prerogative of the Balkans and is not a minor plague. Let’s say that in the nearby Lido 3 Archi di Fermo, less than 10 kilometers from Civitanova, a hell swarming with crime from southern Italy mixed with twenty or thirty other ethnic groups has been stirring for 40 years.80% of the attendance is officially irregular, that there are crack houses, drug houses, guarded by sentries armed with machetes, that ambushes, settling of scores, stabbing are the order of the day and night; and that just a week ago the police struggled to enter the fiefdom of other Algerians and Tunisians such as the two from Civitanova, who by now do not fear them and inside they keep ferocious dogs sedated and full of heroin and cocaine eggs to recharge.

And this various humanity and gloomy and terrible then spreads along the Adriatic road, some as transsexuals, some as drug dealers, goes north to Porto Sant’Elpidio and Civitanova, south to Porto San Giorgio, where a problem of delinquency also insists petty and youthful nonsense that the newly established council will do well to take head on, in Marina Palmense, in Pedaso.

The other horrendous outbreak is theHotel House in Porto Recanati, which is barely twenty miles from Civitanova. It is the place from which human bones come from, belonging to little girls who disappeared years ago. That’s what Salvini, in one of his imprudent exits, he had announced that he wanted to raze: then he forgot, perhaps they explained to him that it was not a comfortable thing to scatter two or three thousand illegal immigrants, mostly desperate and ferocious, without a roof, abusive. The use of agitating racism is inveterate, the scarecrow of racism when you don’t know what to say and what to do. But not being able to exploit it when two Tunisian drug dealers take out each otherwe self-censor ourselves, at least until the useful jerk turns up to say, with a delusional chain, that everything depends on the lack of integration caused by capitalism that feeds inequalities in the context of global warming and in short, it is always the fault Meloni who also has the Matteotti crime on his conscience.

Civitanova Marche, a village with fashionable ambitions, fueled by scams and usury, is caught in the grip of itself, lulled into the institutional illusion of being other than what it is. But you can bet that, there or at a short distance, what needs to happen will happen again, soon. And then we’ll see if we can use the racist or fascist obsession or not. But the reader should keep these negligible lines, just for future, but brief, memory.

Max Del Papa, August 10, 2022

Civitanova, an illegal immigrant kills his cousin. And the progressive press is silent – Max Del Papa