Clem, Plus belle la vie…5 pregnant French actresses during the filming of a series

There was movement in life, as on the screen! Find out which French actresses were pregnant while filming a series and how they experienced it. Spoilers: if the media coverage was not always obvious, they knew how to juggle between professional life and life as a future mother.

Lucia Lucas in Clem

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It was in 2010 that we discovered on our screens the story of Clem, a 16-year-old girl who learned of her pregnancy. In 2018, during the filming of the eighth season of the series, actress Lucie Lucas was pregnant with her third child! And the filming was not easy for the actress, who had then expressed in the magazine Télé Loisirs the difficulty of not showing anything on the screen, because this pregnancy did not fit with her character, in addition to the physical indispositions. like nausea. The actress had all the same positively added: “It is above all a privilege to be able to continue filming when you are expecting a child.”

Laëtitia Milot pregnant in More beautiful life


In some cases, it happens that the productions adapt to the pregnancies of the actresses! For Plus belle la vie, this was the case. Initially, the character was not supposed to be pregnant in the series, so the production adapted at the last moment to this great news. Laëtitia Milot, radiant and in great shape, had announced that she planned to shoot until at least 7 months of pregnancy.“Je am in good shape, why not accept a project? she said before adding: “It’s good that the women who can continue to work!”. Anyway, everything turned out great for the star of the show who won a battle with endometriosis.

Leïla Bekhti pregnant in The flame

Leïla Bekhti, the flame


Iconic in her character as Alexandra in The flame, the possessive psychopath and desperately in love with “MAAARC”, Leïla Bekhti was already expecting a happy event at the time of filming. A pregnancy which, although happy, had been formalized despite the consent of the actress in the media. She then expressed to Madame Figaro his desire to preserve his privacy: “Cinema is not the center of my life, my family, yes.”

Fabienne Carat pregnant in Research Section


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In her forties, Fabienne Carat dreamed of having a child and miracle accomplished: she is pregnant! The actress expressed her desire to include her pregnancy in the series Section de Recherches, after the team of the series kindly offered it to her. “I preferred to include it so I could talk about pregnancy-related topics,” had announced the actress, who embodies the role of Commander Jeanne Lorieux on the screen.

Sara Giraudeau in The Office of Legends

The office of legends


For actress Sara Giraudeau, who plays the spy Marina in the series, the filming was very trying. In 2016, the actress was indeed pregnant with her second child! In Paris Match, she confided in this subject: “I was shooting intensively in Morocco when I was three months pregnant with my second daughter. But I had to run like crazy… I was exhausted.” A real warrior, we can say it!

Clem, Plus belle la vie…5 pregnant French actresses during the filming of a series