The image has gone around the world. In it appears King Felipe VI, smiling, preceding President Sánchez, whose expression of hatred and envy seems terrifying. The same look that the actor Vincent D´Onofrio drew in his character of Clumsy Recruit in The metal jacket of Stanley Kubrick in the toilets of his company of Marines. A look of revenge and ruin, prior to the shot that ended the life of Sergeant Hartman, masterfully played by R. Lee Ermey.

His mission to kill the sergeant accomplished, Clumsy Recruit sits on a toilet and commits suicide.

The Clumsy Recruit is a textbook psychopath. Psychopathy, in addition to a mental illness, is a growing psychic anomaly due to which, despite the integrity of the perceptive and mental functions, the social behavior of the individual who suffers from it is pathologically altered. Speaking in silver, it is a mental illness that apparently goes undetected, that deceives by its supposed normality, hiding the ravages that alter the behavior of those who suffer from it, and that sprouts naturally in stages of overwhelm, frustration and envy. Failure uncovers his virulence, and the psychopath, faced with the reality of his loss of prestige, does not rectify his arrogance, but rather pursues the definitive disaster of all the others to demonstrate his power.

Pedro Sánchez, according to notable experts in psychiatry, has excellent relationships with various models of psychopathy. Compulsive lying is one of them. He lies, he knows that he lies, and he forgets that he has lied, accusing others of being liars. He has lacked time to complete obtaining calm in his most desired end. Put an end to the constitutional regime of 1978, demolishing, with the help of its podemites, independence supporters and terrorists, the fundamental pillar of our freedom, the Constitutional Monarchy. However, his gaze tells us that, despite his failure and knowing of a more than likely electoral blow, he still has time to leave a more ruined, battered, divided, and amputated Spain that makes its reconstruction almost impossible. Sánchez has allowed the Catalan independence movement to go through the barretina all kinds of rulings of the TSJC, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court. And his own government has disobeyed all the judgments adverse to his interests that have been handed down by the high courts. He is about to forever infect the Judiciary, without whose independence democracy is just a mere word. For this, he has had the collaboration, during the exercise of power, of the Popular Party, which has not yet shaken the inferiority complex that, with some exceptions, has dominated its leaders. There we have Juanma Moreno, who after her overwhelming triumph in Andalusia, embraces the memory of the Islamist Blas Infante, as damaging to Spain as Sabino Arana or Luis Companys. When psychopathy, which has nothing to do with vision or intelligence, senses that there is no serious opposition in the way, it destroys everything that is left standing for those who come behind to lift it up. And those who come after do not seem to have any desire to modify the disasters. Rajoy, with an absolute majority, did not dare to repeal the Law of Historical Memory, that filthy hoax of Zapatero that took us back to the mental clashes of the Civil War. Confrontations that, thank God, have not been armed, because the Spanish have no other aspiration than to make ends meet despite unbearable taxes and galloping inflation, and the waste of public money.

In a year, the Clumsy Recruit can peer into the abyss. The difference is that he will not launch. First we will all go to the void, while he remains in La Mareta, his new official address, it seems.