Concern of priests about violence in Mexico is authentic: Monreal

After endorsing his Catholic faith, the president of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Senate of the Republic, Ricardo Monreal, considered authentic the recent declarations of the members of the Catholic Church on the climate of violence that exists in Mexico.

At a press conference, from the legislative chamber, the brunette said that his concern about the climate of violence is sensible, “in his proposals to seek solutions and make proposals to confront this delicate scourge that is the increase in violence.”

“I didn’t see them as disrespectful, reckless, or disappointed, simply concerned about the climate of violence that exists in the country,” he added.
And it is that last week, in the face of criticism from the Catholic Church of the failed Obrador strategy “Hugs not bullets” to confront organized crime, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused members of the cleric of being hypocrites. He also pointed out, supposedly, to remain silent in the face of the climate of insecurity that was experienced in previous six-year terms.

“Why didn’t they act, when Calderón, in that way? Why did they remain silent when the massacres were ordered, when ‘kill them hot’ was put into practice, when the Army’s high command was told: ‘You do your job and we take care of human rights’? Why this hypocrisy? That should not allow anyone, much less a religious, whether he is a pastor of an evangelical church or a priest. The truth,” he declared.

In this regard, Ramón Castro y Castro, secretary general of the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM), responded to the president by assuring that the Church has not remained silent in the face of situations of insecurity in previous governments, for which he denied that they are “hypocrites.” ”. In addition, he called on the government to combat violence with the law, to remove prejudices and to engage in dialogue.

Ricardo Monreal is the first member of Morena to accompany the concerns of the Catholic Church. Since last week, no member of the federal government or political party has spoken out for engaging in dialogue and/or meeting the security demands.
“It seems to me that it is an authentic, legitimate concern, for his spiritual work and for his apostolate,” Monreal assured.

They beat the priest Mateo Calvillo

Just this Sunday, Father Mateo Calvillo Paz reported having been a victim of organized crime.

Through a letter, the priest, in charge of the Radio and Television Evangelization Commission for the Archdiocese of Morelia, reported that in a matter of three minutes a hitman blocked his way when he was leaving Queréndaro and beat him up leaving him with serious hemorrhages.

“The aggressor must have been a hit man, although he did not show me his credentials. A psychopath, he was very tall and strong, dark, with receding hair, he had a gun in his fists, he turned to me, he opened the door of my car, he destroyed my face, leaving it with terrible hemorrhages, “he said.

“This attack, I had foreseen it, it can touch us all, I am tempted to say: it will touch us. We must be aware and be prepared, study our reaction, a mistake can be deadly, ”he added.

The father also wrote “it was very cheap for me, if I think of the fate of the murdered Jesuit brothers and of so many deaths and massacres.

I feel honored to be the brother of the victims of violence, innocents, murdered, wounded, stripped of their belongings, expelled from their towns, of so many reported and unreported deaths, lost children, disappeared or enrolled with drug traffickers and criminals, all the innocents that Andrés Manuel does not defend because he goes around giving hugs to the murderers and protects the drug traffickers, ‘because they are also human beings’”.

“No more theater of politics, with a cult of personality, ideology, propaganda,” demanded the clergyman.

Concern of priests about violence in Mexico is authentic: Monreal – Etcétera