Confirmed Napoleon complex? Study finds short men have more psychopathic and narcissistic traits

Dec 14 2022 – 3:00 p.m.

In social networks, the trend #shortking he seeks to vindicate the men considered the lowest in his community. For many people this is a characteristic that gives them a complex, especially when looking for a partner.

But the short stature would not only bring alterations in their body appreciation, because according to one new research Polish would also be associated with negative personality characteristics, specifically with the so-called “dark triad“.

What is the “dark triad”?

This term is used to describe certain personality traits considered negative, and associated with actions and attitudes that should cause caution.

The triad is made up of the narcissism, who exhibits exacerbated arrogance and self-esteem and who can be characterized by selfish behaviors. The second feature is the subclinical psychopathy (it is not a diagnosis), that is, the lack of empathy, remorse and without a greater respect for the lives of other people.

The last feature corresponds to Machiavellianismwhich corresponds to manipulative traits, in which people often resort to deception to get what they want.

What does the study say about men?


This particular paper looked at the relationship between “dark triad” traits and people’s height. According to their results, shorter people and those who declare they want to be tallerregardless of their sex, exhibit more of these traits.

specifically in the mens a greater correlation was detected with the narcissistic and psychopathic profiles, while in women, said correlation was not detected.

The authors believe that this relationship can be understood from an evolutionary point of view and that his personality would be a response to the lack of “formidable” physical characteristics.

“Shorter men may command respect, assert themselves at the expense of others, acquire resources, and impress romantic partners with their traits,” the authors wrote.

Very similar to what is known as Napoleon complexin which it is defined that shorter men tend to have more aggressive behaviors and seek to show themselves as powerful people, as compensation mechanisms for this physical characteristic that gives them a complex.

This is not the first time that the association between personality traits and physical characteristics has been investigated. Previous works concluded that narcissism would be associated with eating disorders, excessive physical exercise and body control in women.

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Confirmed Napoleon complex? Study finds short men have more psychopathic and narcissistic traits