Count Reuven’s treasure Witcher 3: How to find it?

The many quests of Novigrad are tangled in all directions in The Witcher 3. But one of the charms of the game is that by carrying out all these missions which do not seem linked at first glance, you end up connecting events between them, and to take a step back from the situation. So now is the time for Geralt to investigate at Dijkstra’s request, it will make him training for a certain Hearts of Stone DLC mission.


After having started the various missions of Novigrad, such as “In search of the little bastard”, “The gangs of Novigrad”, “A question of life or death”, you will be able to start this new quest a little after the attack on the baths by the little bastard’s men.

  • Dijkstrava asking for your help in investigating the looting of his secret vaults. Follow him underground, then approach the hole in the wall.
  • Inspect the pipe from above, at the level of the hole. Then enter the tunnel to inspect the grid.
  • Follow the path indicated by the marker in the sewers, and above all, drink the antidote of Dijkstra before passing the grid. The spores are absolutely deadly without it.
  • Inspect the 3 pipes, then kill the drowners further down the tunnel.
  • Examine the object on the ground, then the corpse.
  • Go to the last room, eliminate the monsters, then inspect the debris of the bomb, in front of the closed gate.

  • Exit, using the ladder, then return to see Dijkstra in his office to bring him your findings. Then go and inspect the basin at the bottom right of the baths, there are oil stains on the surface of the water and a lid on the edge of the steps.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Get out of the baths, then go investigate in Henckel’s house. Spray the door with the Aard sign, then go upstairs. Examine the note and the bottle on the table.
  • Go to the room on the right, then place the ending bottle in the free space of the storage locker. This will open a secret passage with a chest.
  • Return to the ground floor to speak to Dijkstra and Triss who are embedded in your investigation.
  • Go to the Altar of Eternal Fire marked on the map, then meditate until midnight, in order to meet Triss.

The time has come to make a painful choice, to decide how to approach the rest of the quest. It will have repercussions.

The Witch Hunters’ Headquarters

You have two options, the first is to rush into the pile by killing everyone, which has the merit of being simple and avoiding remorse. But you won’t find Dijkstra’s treasure, and he won’t assist you during the attack on Kaer Morhen later in the story. The corresponding trophy is nevertheless validated all the same, since he does not go there personally, it is a financial support above all. The other option is more complex, it consists of manipulating the witch hunters, and extracting useful information, which makes it possible to deliver the necessary elements to Dijkstra, and to ensure his assistance later. Besides the difficulty of the plan, the problem is that Triss is going to be tortured. She doesn’t have any after-effects, but it’s not very comfortable to inflict this on her, to recover Dijkstra’s gold. Whether you prefer to be pragmatic or romantic is up to you. Rest assured, however, Triss’ life is not in danger, and her romance can proceed normally, whether you follow through with her plan or not.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

frontal attack

  • You will be teleported near the HQ after the dialogue. Talk to the guards, and provoke a fight.
  • Once in the HQ, kill everyone, which can take a little time, the enemies are numerous. Remember to pick up dimetrium items, they are very expensive.
  • Then search Menge’s office to retrieve the letter and the book. Read the documents in your inventory before talking to Triss.
  • Leave the premises via the secondary door of the office, which asks to use the key found in the HQ.
  • Help Triss set the HQ on fire, scale the shelter, then destroy the wall with Aard before running away laughing like a merry psychopathic arsonist after a massacre.
  • Join Dijkstra to give him the key and the meager information at your disposal. He’s going to pay you, but he’s not optimistic about his chances of getting his money back.
  • Go to the indicated location, then inspect the secret box behind the altar, on the exterior face of one of the pillars, in order to deposit the book which serves as a signal. You can use your witcher senses to highlight it.
  • Go to the indicated area in the suburbs, then hide in the house to meet the spy.
  • When the spy arrives, let Triss interrogate him. You can choose to kill him or erase his memory, it has no real consequences.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Infiltration and manipulation

  • This approach helps to get information, but it’s important to follow Triss’s plan to the letter, and earn Menge’s trust.
  • When you talk to the guards at the entrance to the HQ, tell them that you have a proposal to make to Menge. Since you have information about Philippa. Then, follow them into the HQ.
  • Let the witch hunters take Triss on boardwhile you accompany Menge.
  • Accept to box in the silver cup in order to gain Menge’s trust.
  • You must then choose your answers carefully, answer that you have a silver sword, or/and comment on the fact that Menge’s minions are torturing Triss when you have not yet been paid.
  • Say you’re doing this for the money or to get back at Triss.
  • Finally choose “Free my friend Dandelion.” but absolutely do not talk about the treasureotherwise Menge will be alarmed by the situation.
  • Triss will then enter the office and kill Menge. Speak with Triss, then search the office.
  • You can choose to leave Menge’s office through the locked door, in order to escape from HQ. But if you’re thirsty for revenge (and XP), it’s also possible to open the door that leads to the central room to trigger a general fight.
  • Help Triss set the building on fire, climb the shelter, then flee after destroying the wall with Aard.
  • Join Dijkstra to give him the key and the info on the bank where the hoard is hidden, which he will greatly appreciate.

In any case, all you have to do is go back to Priscilla to complete the quest.

Count Reuven’s treasure Witcher 3: How to find it?