Criminal Engagements

While waiting for the release of the next volume, the fifth, we are going to come back to volume 2 of Engagement Criminals that we have you presented at the beginning of the year. As a reminder, the manga edited by Pika Edition depicts a special romance between Yoshino, a young woman raised in the yakuza milieu, and Kirishima, a dubious member of a rival clan. Their union aimed at linking the two clans.

After several agreed but interesting chapters, as expected this sequel will dig a little deeper into the characters, in particular Yoshino, and pose a little more the universe of the story. Let’s quickly see what it is.

Body and soul

If one could be a little skeptical about volume 1 of Engagement Criminals, a bit too sketchy to fully embark on. This second part is fascinating. Despite his preconceptions about Kirishima, who acts here like a real stalker, Yoshino tries to make the necessary efforts to appreciate him, to detect certain less dubious character traits. Kirishima is almost totally devoted to our heroine, however her behavior remains extreme, not to say totally disturbing. If the character is still ambiguous for the moment, we feel that he is more complex than he looks.

That said, Yoshino will be the most thorough in this volume. But given the pair formed, Kirishima should quickly take on thickness as well. Kirishima is almost completely devoted to Yoshino but his behavior remains extreme, not to say disturbing. If the character is still too ambiguous for the moment, we feel that he is more complex than it looks.

One thing is certain, this duo works very well. Their temperament and the vision they have of each other, as well as of their relationship, regularly come into conflict. Engagement Criminals can then make us laugh through many situations. Actions, as with simple conversations. Moreover, once you have passed the drawing, which can be disconcerting at first, you better understand its relevance. Precisely to pass the humorous scenes.

The future of the family

Criminal engagement yoshino wrath

Note also the appearance of a new character linked to Yoshino’s past. A relatively short passage for the moment, but which already hints at potential future conflicts with Kirishima and Yoshino. In addition, the fact of evolving in the middle of the yakuza necessarily brings moments of violence. Punctuations welcome and consistent with impulsiveness and psychopathic tendencies of Kirishima.

However, it is on the side of the dialogues and the information conveyed through them that Engagement Criminals risks bringing his personal touch. Indeed, the story told so far allows us to learn a little more about the functioning of the yakuza clans. At least on certain aspects less often treated.

We are used to having representations of the milieu, but most of the time totally revolved around violent sequences. Nevertheless, here the author prefers to expose other facets of the life of these clans. In this case, the marriage aspect and the schemes put in place to consolidate both economic and political interests.

Should we fall for volume 2 of Criminal Engagements?

Criminal engagement cigarette

If you liked the first volume, you should enjoy the sequel. This second volume accelerates the pace, brings new faces and we better understand the strengths of the manga. The rhythm remains relatively calm, but the romance evolves well, as much as Yoshino. We can expect it to really impose itself thereafter. She has a strong temper which counterbalances Kirishima’s deceptively calm demeanor. What to bring what it takes of conflicts and effective gags.

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The volume holds in part thanks to the relationship of the two protagonists, always quite diametrically opposed. Nevertheless, the arrival of an acquaintance of Yoshino adds a pawn, in addition to deepening the passive of the heroine. We have no doubt that he will play a role in the following chapters, moreover we hope to learn more about the daily life and certain rules which govern the yakuza clans.

Criminal Engagements – Opinion on volume 2 of Pika’s manga