‘Crims’ takes the book ‘El Estafador’ to the radio: “Unfortunately, it is a very good story”

  • Carles Porta trusts that the double chapter that is broadcast this weekend will serve, like the journalistic investigation of Guillem Sánchez, to warn more citizens

  • Francisco Gómez Manzanares, who will begin to receive prison permits at the end of the year, has deceived more than 50 women

The program ‘crims’ of Catalonia Radiodirected and presented by the journalist Carlos Portawill broadcast this weekend a double chapter on Francisco Gómez Manzanares, a sentimental swindler who has deceived hundreds of victims in half of Spain and who was arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra in the spring of 2017. The radio program Ondas 2021 award approaches this story “from” the book ‘The Swindler’ (Peninsula Editorial)the investigation of journalist from EL PERIÓDICO Guillem Sánchez who rebuilds his life. “We started from the journalistic investigation of the book and Silvia Cometthe screenwriter, has done an excellent job explaining this story and adding the audio to it,” the program promises. The two episodes will air this Saturday and Sunday and are titled ‘L’home that enganyava donates them’.

It is not the first time that the program addresses crimes in which there are no fatalities. “We do not seek to explain only homicides. What this scammer does It is a crime and it is also terrible because it has destroyed many victims and their environment”. The objective of ‘Crims’ is to explain “good stories and that of the scammer, unfortunately it is“, reasons the author of ‘Tor. Tretze cases i tres morts’ (The Bell). “When you listen to the victims in the first person, you understand how hard what they have suffered is,” warns Porta.

For the person in charge of the program, in addition to telling good stories, when dealing with cases like that of Gómez Manzanares, journalism can also fulfill the function of being “useful to society” and, supported by the large audiences that ‘Crims’ reaps, warn that “evil exists” and inform the citizen that some criminals like this “live by deceiving them”. Gómez Manzanares is “a perfect psychopath” who uses his charms to achieve what he wants “without showing empathy” towards his victims. Without speaking of those corners of the human condition, “we only half know” our reality and, therefore, “we are left with an incomplete reading, that it will always be wrong,” he maintains.

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The journalistic investigation that is included in the book ‘El Estafador’ reconstructs the trajectory of Gómez Manzanares through Spain over the last decades, a journey through victory, eibar, Barcelona, Castelldefels, Ourense, Madrid, Seville, eibar either Saragossa full of lies that allowed him to keep around three million euros, defrauding, above all, women whom he first seduced and then abandoned in financial and emotional ruin. To achieve this, he pretended to be an Ertzaintza agent, an airplane pilot, a Formula 1 tester, a Maritime Rescue sergeant or a member of Messi’s Barça coaching staff. A chameleon who soaks up the stage that he steps on to camouflage himself and who uses the fashions of the moment to design a tailor-made scam for each victim.

Gómez Manzanares is currently serving a sentence in the Nanclares de la Oca prison and accumulate penalties of imprisonment until 2030, but could start receiving temporary permits shortly. Has been denounced by 50 victims. He has defrauded many more. Some women still suffer severe psychological sequelae and they all believe that as soon as he steps on the street he will cheat again. Given his “tendency to reoffend”, the “more people read ‘El Estafador’ or listen to the Catalunya Ràdio podcast and are forewarned about how he acts, betterPortal concludes.

‘Crims’ takes the book ‘El Estafador’ to the radio: “Unfortunately, it is a very good story”