Crimson Rivers on France 2: on the program for season 4

The series “Les Rivières pourpres” is back on France 2 on September 19 with a season 4. Niemans and Lieutenant Camille Delaunay will continue their complex and mysterious investigations to the delight of fans of the program. We tell you more about this new season.

The Crimson Rivers : the duo of investigators is back

Series The Crimson Riversinspired by the cult novel by thriller master Jean-Christophe Grangé, is coming to France 2 with a season 4. Fans of the program will therefore find the Commissioner Pierre Niemans and Lieutenant Camille Delaunay, still embodied by the shocking duo formed by Olivier Marchal and Erika Sainte. This new season will consist of eight 52-minute episodes. Viewers will discover an investigation divided into two parts, per evening.

The Crimson Rivers ©France Tv

Commissioner Niemans and his colleague are once again called to the four corners of France. Explosive and inseparable, they will have to support each other more than ever, faced with the strangeness of their new affairs. Indeed, this new season promises many twists and the shock tandem will not be spared.

Strange and very dark investigations

The two officers will be immersed in strange and unprecedented universes. During their investigations, they will be confronted with macabre scenes worthy of the craziest criminals. Together, they will have to face a psychopath. The synopsis of this season 4, proposed by France TVis the next :

A killer dressed in a costume straight out of a secret society in Nigeria who sows terror in an isolated village, varnished corpses within a institute of fine arts with a sulphurous reputation, a center for serial killers hidden in the Landes forest, or even a dive of our investigators into a very special voyeurism… The investigations that await Niemans and Camille take an ever stranger, ever more unexpected turn, in settings and communities never seen before. Between esotericism, vestiges of the past and unmentionable secrets, our investigators will have to be more welded than ever before the darkness of the human soul.

The Crimson Rivers
The Crimson Rivers ©France Tv

The first episode of this season 4 is called Kovenkore. Viewers will be immediately immersed in the dark and disturbing atmosphere which characterizes so much the episodes of The Crimson Rivers. Indeed, the first investigation is likely to make an impression, if we are to believe this chilling summary:

A school bus is crossing a road in the countryside when it is stopped in the middle of a train crossing. When the driver gets off to understand, he finds that the tires have been punctured by a harrow. He is immediately attacked by a masked attacker equipped with metal claws, who immobilizes him on the ground. It is then that a train arrives at high speed and brutally crashes into the bus and the driver is forced to witness the tragedy helplessly. The next day, Commissioner Niemans and Lieutenant Delauney arrive at the crime scene and learn that the six children in the vehicle did not survive.

Crimson Rivers on France 2: on the program for season 4