Critique of Elvis (2022), the frenetic loneliness of the icon.

It’s hard to talk about Elvis, the movie. Just as, I suppose, it is difficult to analyze the figure of Elvis, the singer, actor and icon of the 20th century, with thousands of imitators throughout the world and whose death has been and continues to be a source of theories conspiracy. A figure whose essence beats in the contrast between the person (unknown) and the character (the image we all have). Because Elvis Presley was a figure full of contradictions.

When one approaches Elvis (henceforth the movie) with some cinematographic knowledge, expect a careful and exhaustive approach to the biography of the character. More than two hours long, a big budget, great actors and a pinpoint recreation of the best-known events of his life. That is to say, a Bohemian Rhapsody centered on the Jailhouse Rock singer.

If one digs a little deeper, You will see that Elvis is directed by Baz Luhrmanthe one from Romeo and Juliet Y The Great Gatsbyboth with Leonardo DiCaprio and, above all, that of Moulin Rouge. That is to say, a director who loves music, impossible choreographies, anachronisms and, above all, the overload of different camera movements on ornate sets. In short, it is said that Luhrmann is a baroque director, just like those churches that are decorated to the max and do not have a single millimeter of free wall decoration.

So, guessing, I approached Elvis thinking of a mix between Bohemian Rhapsody and, to give an example of a “baroque” movie, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Is it an accurate description? Yes and no.

Yes because, as expected, Elvis takes a complete tour of the singer’s artistic career, spanning three decades of American music. We witness the rise and fall of country, the appearance of the blues in white America, rock n’roll, Hollywood, the collapse of American ideals with the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy or the establishment of Las Vegas as a city of world vice.

And yes, because it’s not that Elvis is a fast movie… it’s that, like the singer’s movements in each of his performances, Elvis seems made by a director up to the eyebrows of amphetamines. Zooms, contrazooms, temporary ellipses… even some improvised credit titles in the middle of the film. It is often said that a movie should only have a climax to reinforce the power of that moment.

The concatenation of epic moments only leads to the exhaustion of the viewer, who ends up saturated with so many “ends”. A clear example would be the last third of Batman v Superman, in which the combat between the two heroes ends up losing strength at all times in crescendo that appear afterwards.

Well, nothing, I swallow my words. Because Elvis is the most climactic musical biopic in movie history. What’s more, I would say that Elvis is a constant climax…which works. From his first performance to that dog censored or your If i can dream… the film does not give a second of respite and flies by in its two hours and forty minutes.

On the other hand, no. Elvis isn’t just a mix of Bohemian Rhapsody and The Wolf of Wall Street.

It’s much more than that.

Because it is curious, but being a story narrated at a tachycardic rhythm and with multiple songs and festive moments, Elvis never abandons the sadness of his protagonist’s life story. It is curious how well the loneliness of, for decades, the most famous man in the world is reflected. A musical genius, but a dependent and vulnerable human being before a figure, his manager, whom he does not abandon for being the father he never had.

That manager couldn’t have found a better actor to play than a Tom Hanks with tons of makeup.the best actor to give a face to that charming psychopath that is Colonel Tom Parker, the narrator of this story.

The spirit of the icon is well reflected at the rhythm of the narrative of its history and its dependent character, as well as the loneliness with which it was punished all its life, we cannot say that Elvis is an exact biopic. DIn fact, I am convinced that Luhrmann, a fan of the character, has directed the biopic that Elvis would have liked. Because, with all his strengths and vulnerabilities, Elvis is shown to be without contradictions when… what human being does he not have?

Special mention to the impressive interpretation of Austin Butler, that achieves the unthinkable in a biopic of these characteristics: that, without resembling the original Elvis at all, we end up seeing him in every scene that appears.

In short, Elvis is not an exact biography of one of the greatest musical icons of the 20th century. He is not true to all the facts and denies the contradictions of his character. But without any doubt, It’s one of the movies of the year. an impressive and entertaining musical that keeps us on the crest of the wave for almost three hours while showing us a sad story. The loneliness of the most famous man in the world.

Greetings and be happy!

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