“Dad hit mom, he left blood on her head, and she became a zombie”: the testimony of a 4

Last March 14, Victoria Rocio Pire27, finished his day job duties as corporal of the Federal police in the DUIT 3 of La Noria Bridgebought food and went to Chacarita to go pick up his two children aged 4 and 1 who had stayed with the father, also a policeman, in the boarding house he rented. There, in front of her two little children, it was where around nine at night, a chin high shot executed with his gun, ended Pire’s life. Her ex-partner maintains that she he would have taken his life. However, the case is listed as doubtful death. In this context, the victim’s family argues that the investigative procedures for Victoria’s death were careless, and that there are many elements that “doesn’t close them” that’s why they claim “know the TRUE”.

I want the truth to be known and not that ten more girls have to die for this psychopath to go to jail,” said Andrea Alejandra RobledoVictoria’s mother, in dialogue with cronica.com.ar. Although Andrea does not know what exactly happened on March 14, she has no doubt that her daughter’s ex-partner is the “responsibleof the tragic ending.

“Either way he is responsible, whether he was the one who fired the shot or he prompted her to do so,” he added. The only certainty he claims to have is that “things did not happen as he tells it”.

According to what they told him from the prosecution, there would be a video that captured Victoria at the moment she entered her ex-partner’s pension where she went to pick up her children. She leaves the place with the minors, gets in the car, and half an hour later she returns to the house that the man rented. where what happened happened. Victoria would have been found with a shot to the chin, lying face down, with his gun, under her body. Her ex-partner was delayed for two days and she currently performs her functions with total normality as a public official. The case is listed as doubtful death. “There are many things that do not close me”Andrea remarked.

“My daughter had many projects”, expressed Victoria’s mother, who completely distrusts that her daughter has made the decision to take her own life. That’s why she took her claim to the Prosecutor’s Office 43 of Capitalso that the case is investigated and the truth comes to light.

“That day I had gone to buy food, who before killing himself is going to go buy food“he wonders.

In addition, according to Andrea, her 4-year-old granddaughter, after witnessing what happened on March 14, she kept repeating: “Grandma, dad hit mom, she has blood on her head, and now mom is a zombie.”.

She recounts how things happened”Andrea said, referring to the statements that her granddaughter has. That is why she asks the Justice that the minor be subjected to a Gesell camera.

Did you suffer gender violence?

Victoria and her ex-partner had met two and a half years ago, almost three, when they were taking the entrance course to join the force. Since then, always “they came and went“Andrea recounted. During the course, they had a son, who is currently one year old, while Victoria already had another 4-year-old daughter from her previous relationship.

According to Andrea, the bond they maintained between them was always characterized by being “unstable”. “He filled her with debts, then she disappeared from it, and when she managed to settle for it, she reappeared”, Andrea remarked.

I knew that he covered her with debts, but not that he hit her”, sentenced. It is that a few days before she died, her daughter would have confessed that she suffered gender violence.

“I found out that he paid her on March 9 and she died on the 14th”Andrea said. It is that according to what her daughter would have told him, more than once, he had attacked her with blows, even on one occasion he had beaten her until she was unconsciousalthough she never reported it.

“He also told me that before his birthday he hit two pineapples and broke his mouth”, he expressed. Apparently on that occasion they had argued because she would have discovered messages with another person, so when she asked him for an explanation,he hit him and split his mouth”.

However, Andrea accuses her daughter’s ex-partner of forcing her to “have relations with his bosses, in exchange for favors”while he was filming.

All these reasons are what make Andrea and her family distrust what happened on the night of March 14, when her daughter died in confusing circumstances, and is what drives her to go after the truth. “whoever that fails”.

“Dad hit mom, he left blood on her head, and she became a zombie”: the testimony of a 4-year-old girl who raised doubts about the woman’s death