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– written by Ultra bobbinthe 10/17/2022

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The good, the bad and the ugly ?

Blacking Out – 8/10

© Delcourt 2022.

We start this article with Blacking Out by Chip Mosher (screenplay) and Peter Krause (artwork). If I am not familiar with Mosher, I know Krause well thanks to Unrecoverable on which he had done some interesting work. Change of atmosphere for him because in Blacking Outwe’re going into the thriller!

Conrad is a former cop who does private detective work. He returns to his old town to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young girl. But Conrad lugs around his share of pans, starting with the alcoholism that made him lose his job in the past. We are in a dark novel with a tortured detective and his quest for truth will place him in front of a decisive choice which will make all the salt of this album. The investigation is good but its outcome will hit you like a punch in the stomach.

Visually, it is to match: dark, tortured and where the rare glimmers of hope struggle to shine. Conrad wears it all beautifully and his features continue to reflect the unfolding of the story. Blacking Out is an album that leaves no one indifferent and deserves to be read.

Serial – 7/10

© Delcourt 2022.

Do you remember Zoe the possessed and psychopathic kid from Rachel Rising ? She’s back in a story just for her! At the controls, her “dad”, Terry Moore, who will place the young girl in a story that will not be in the lace!

Quick reminder: Zoe was possessed by a demon but now she’s better! During this period, she has not aged a bit, but she has aged mentally all the same. So we have an adult in a child’s body! An adult who therefore takes very badly the fact of killing one of her rare friends still alive! Zoe will therefore use everything she learned when she was a demonic serial killer to track (and make pay) the one who attacked her friend! A hunt full of surprises where Zoé competes with ideas to find the culprit. The latter will also have the right to an interesting portrait and this therefore gives an interesting rival to our heroine. At the same time, we will follow the police who are trying to arrest the culprit and “take care” of this little girl (Zoé) who wants to get involved in the investigation.

Moore’s drawing always hits the mark with expressive women who give as much information by talking as by moving! The transformation of the killer over the course of the story as well as his mood swings are also very nice. So, it’s true that some twists and turns could be better and that Zoe’s “kid” side sometimes gives predictable situations, but it’s hard to ignore your pleasure with this story.

Reckless – Eliminate Monsters – 7/10

© Delcourt 2022.

I’m talking about investigation, I’m talking about killers suddenly, I can’t skip the last story of Brubaker and Phillips! The partners of Criminal bring back their surfer and grumpy detective: Ethan RECKLESS!

Ethan will soon approach his forties and he feels old, slow and while looking for his only friend in his burning cinema, he will detail us why this fire, why this search and why he gets knocked out on the pretext that he is more ” old ” ! The survey itself is quite “simple” because we are given the marbles quickly. What counts in this story will be the evolution of the relationship between Ethan and Anna, his young punk assistant, who, as she approaches her thirties, will experience some life changes. The story remains worthy of Reckless with its share of sordid investigation, scheming and violence. But we will also have this common thread that will be the Ethan / Anna relationship and how Ethan will manage emotions that he claims to be buried.

Phillips masters his subject and unrolls his boards with ease. The album is interesting for this side of character development even if, suddenly, the investigation and the thriller atmosphere goes into the background and seems pre-chewed. The conclusion will confirm some points sketched out earlier and sow the seeds for future stories.

Delcourt – Blacking Out, Serial and Reckless