Distribution of images of sexual abuse: “If the person produces them, we have 100% psychopathy”

The official expert of the Judiciary of Córdoba, Marcela Scarafia, specializes in psychological profiles of groomers (an adult who harasses a minor through new technologies) as well as those who consume and distribute images linked to child sexual abuse. «They are different profiles“, explained this Master in Neuropsychology.

Last Tuesday, 3 were held raids in Bariloche, General Roca and Cipolletti in which material for the dissemination and exchange of images of child sexual abuse was seized.

Scarafia explained that the groomer behaves “psychopathic. He is a hunter who goes after a prey. He tries to seduce her, violate her and corner her«; meanwhile, the consumer “likes to watch and is not necessarily an abuser (it is like someone who consumes adult pornography: he does not necessarily replicate these behaviors with his partner). He just consumes and fantasizes ».

However, the specialist mentioned, “30% of consumers and distributors of this type of image, at some point, will try to reproduce these scenes with a child or adolescent. That is the big difference with the groomer who avoids contact. Only 14% can attempt contact with a child.

Who distributes images, exchanges

According to Scarafia, the distributor of sexual abuse images also receives. «Nobody distributes just because. An exchange is made. Whoever has access to the deep network sends to receive. In distribution, sometimes, there is an exchange of money. But the one who distributes and sells has this collector’s and competitiveness thing. Compete to see who has the best images, the spiciest,” he said.

He who consumes, distributes and exchanges”he has psychopathic traits although not as much as the groomer. It is not as precarious as a conventional abuser. It’s like in the middle. You must know how to access the deep web, have a certain sophistication.

He insisted that “the groomer needs a screen: he seeks to dominate, possess, control. He is a psychopath. A hunter. He has creativity, patience and schedules each of the steps he is going to take. He anticipates what he is going to do. He is meticulous ».

The groomer projects the work and develops it until you achieve “the first image”. “It can take months. And they enjoy this gradual task of softening up the victim. They’re getting control and they enjoy having that control,” Scarafia said.

How to arrive at the psychological profile

99% of the people involved in this type of crime are men. There is no specific age range, nor educational or professional level. «What is needed is intelligence and sophistication“Summarized Scarafia and clarified that the profiles are defined from specific cases.

The groomer’s personality is studied through three pathways. The first is to evaluate it personally, through clinical and technical interviews, and with different personality tests.
The victim is also assessed. «The groomer will give you little information. Projective techniques will give you indicators of personality characteristics that you don’t know what type of behavior to attribute to. So, when the victim tells you the dynamics of the event, then you know the detail of the behavior, “she pointed out.

The third leg is the reading of the file where the modus operandi is known, the number of victims, it is known if he collects images, if he sells the information or uploads it to the web.

Regarding the case of Río Negro, he mentioned the need to investigate whether those who consume and distribute images also produce them. “It’s not hard to tell. If computers and cell phones are accessed, it is known. If the person produced the images, then we have 100% psychopathy. It is one thing to sit down and see what another produced and another to make a child have sex, “he said.

Regarding these crimes, he highlighted the work of an international entity NCMEC of Missing Children that works as an observatory and detects the IPs from where “images of child pornography are moving. When they detect, they communicate with the referents of each country and there is a prosecutor’s office dedicated to that in Buenos Aires. This prosecutor’s office communicates, in turn, with the provincial prosecutor’s office» to act.

«Cases of this type come to us constantly because all this is fashionable. With the pandemic, grooming increased by 30 to 40%. And it has an advantage: anonymity because they change identity all the time,” he said, adding: “With consumption and distribution, it takes a while until they are caught.”

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Distribution of images of sexual abuse: “If the person produces them, we have 100% psychopathy”