Donald’s blood trail

Trump sent home? We all breathed a sigh of relief, thinking the nightmare was over. Not at all, the old orange hairpiece is more ferocious than ever.

The recent FBI search of his residence in Mar a Lago looking for stolen documents (currently talking about papers relating to nuclear weapons), the call on alleged tax fraud by New York Attorney General Letitia James, the fresh news of the killing of a Trumpian psychopath who wanted to enter an FBI headquarters armed (FBI accused by Trump himself and his followers of persecution and witch hunts), again raise the level of the clash.

America in the United States is once again confronted with the tones to which Donald Trump has now accustomed us. The upcoming Midterm elections see a republican party in fibrillation, with the opportunity to gain seats, a party that still cannot break away from the long wave of Trumpism and the rioters who follow it. (read below)

The Midterm elections are part of the complex US democratic voting system and take place two years after the president takes office. (read below)

It seems like yesterday that half the world breathed a sigh of relief when Joe Biden was elected and Trump, with great effort, left the scene. The deep lacerations left in the country, however, fail to heal, partly because they are congenital and structural, partly because Trump, who for some time seemed dormant, now continues to blow on the fire of division: racism, misogyny, anti-immigrant hatred are the figures on which the former president’s empire of evil is founded.

Although it must be said that Donald no longer has the social media that have influenced so much the indoctrination of the fanatics behind him.

There is one certainty: if the FBI searches the home of a former president, they don’t go because they have an itch, but because they have convincing and precise indications. The indictment is another matter entirely, and risks, as in the case of Capitol Hill, to ignite the paramilitary and far-right fringes close to their leader. The raid of the Trump supporter (later killed) at the FBI headquarters in Cincinnati is only the culmination of a series of threats that incite such people (like on Capitol Hill) to take their own justice. The head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, implemented by Trump himself, speaks of serious concern due to the rain of threats received by the agency and the New York prosecutor’s office.

An underground war is taking place, with no holds barred. Trump, who physiologically believes himself to be omnipotent, has no intention of leaving the scene, this also creates discomfort among the moderate Republicans, who are no longer willing to live another 4 years in the name of uncertainty and internal divisions. Yet, for the Democrats, Trump could be the best candidate for the next presidential elections, able to catalyze the hatred of the marginalized fringes. And perhaps even the Republicans, with measure, will seek failure in the Trump fortress, to bring forward candidates who may be equally scoundrels, but certainly more presentable.

On November 8th there will be the Midterm elections, which will make it clear to the Great Old Party if the Trumpian candidates will rise or fall in the popular approval rating. The future of the States also depends on this result.

Donald’s blood trail