Double crime in Vicente López: what are the tests that complicate Martín Del Río

Judicial sources revealed to NA that in addition to the footage that places him near the house of the 1101 Melo Street and from the testimony of a woman with whom he would maintain a love bond parallel to the one he has, two other forceful questions for Justice also appear.

In that sense, a fingerprint of the accused was found on a reinforced door that connects the garage, where the couple was found murdered, and the remote control that opened the garage was also found in the suspect’s truck of his parents and that he was considered potentially in the hands of whoever had killed the victims, since he was missing.

The garage door opened with a remote control and there were four games: two were held by the victims and two others, the sons, Martín and Diego Del Ríoaccording to the prosecutors in charge of the case, Martín Gómez, Alejandro Musso and Marcela Semería.

The children of the victims had their own and there was a third, but the fourth was missing, which was finally found in the passenger compartment of the spare wheel of the imprisoned’s Mercedes Benz truck.

The suspect was arrested by police officers. Buenos Aires Policewith the collaboration of the City force, last Wednesday night when he arrived in the neighborhood Barrancas del Lago, in Nordeltawhere he lived with his family.

Likewise, in a raid carried out last Thursday by personnel from the City Police on Ramsay Street at 2000, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgranoone of the suspect’s homes, kidnapped a Glock G19 9 caliber pistol millimeters, which was in a box and everything in a bag.

The weapon had no ammunition in the chamberbut in the box they also seized a brown internal holster, a possession card of Glock G19 semi-automatic pistolanother Bersa semi-automatic pistol possession card, a user credential in the name of the suspect and a weapons card also in his name.

The weapon is similar to the one used in the crime of marriage, so an expert opinion must be carried out to determine if it is the one used in the double parricide.

“There is also the indication that due to the location of his cell phone he was in a place that was confirmed to be the same point where he parked the truck, just in a time slot compatible with the time of the murders,” said the police. source consulted by Noticias Argentinas.

He also added: “In other words, three minutes after communicating by phone with the father, He travels 4 kilometers, from Avenida Del Libertador and Udaondo, arrives at 5:33 p.m. at the house, enters Mata and 6:40 p.m. he walks the other way to return to the same initial starting point”.

For the researchers, “this already exceeds the suggestive, is conclusive or is too bad luck“, while emphasizing the lies he committed both in his testimonial statement and in his investigation.

“Because of his fault, the investigation was distorted and he directly blamed the domestic worker for having participated in the crime, but he also denied that he had weapons in his name,” the spokespersons told NA.

Mary Nymph Aquino She was released last week when a lack of merit was ruled on her, although she is still not completely unrelated to the case.

The role of the lover of the accused.

A woman identified as Paola testified as a witness and assured that she had had a romantic relationship with the accused for a year and a half, but whom she had last seen 15 days ago.

Martín Del Río’s lover tried to commit suicide, according to initial information.

On Thursday at 2:15 p.m., an ambulance from the SAME and a municipal patrol from Vicente López arrived at a house in the town of Florida, after a notice that a 49-year-old woman had tried to take her own life through the ingestion of tablets.

A relative of the witness said that she had been worried because the woman had left a farewell letter, but the woman, when interviewed, indicated that she only wanted to sleep “because of everything that was happening.”

In her statement, Paola not only identified Martín as the man captured by the security cameras near the Del Río couple’s home, but also defended herself: “I didn’t know I was with a psychopath.”

New raids

Last Friday, personnel from the Design Drugs and Chemical Precursors Division of the City Police went to 2400 Virrey Arredondo Street, in the Colegiales neighborhood, to raid the apartment on the sixth floor of the building, linked to the accused.

There, two notebooks, three routers and documentation of the parties involved were seized.

In addition, the staff carried out another inspection in Reconquista al 100, in a BBVA Bank branch, where a safe deposit box was opened in the name of Martín Del Río’s wife, in order to proceed with the inventory of the assets. .

In this sense, documentation was found corresponding to the formation of a commercial company in Panama and also related to a construction company in the same country.

The procedures were ordered by the Functional Unit of Instruction and Trial of Vicente López Oeste, in charge of the prosecutor Alejandro Musso, and the National Criminal Court of Rogatory of Edmundo Rabbione, Secretariat of Gabriel Bustos.

Double crime in Vicente López: what are the tests that complicate Martín Del Río