Editorial incendiary of Jorge Rial against the media that called Lio Messi “vulgar”: “Bad milk that cannot see people celebrate”

Just like Rodrigo de Paul and Fideo Di Maria, Jorge Rial was in “inferior condition” when Argentina faced the Netherlands for the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. He was not injured, but suffering the consequences of the reinforcement of the anticovid vaccine: he had a fever, pressure, decay, discomfort, cold dogs.

However, the agonizing definition of the crossover made him sweat more than the dose of Moderna. Almost completely recovered, he regained his strength to attack the media that tried to “vulgar” Lio Messi for saying “what do you look stupid” to a Dutch player that he went to face him after the doparti.

The 120 minutes and the penalties took place in a climate of high tension that ended with 16 cautioned and endless clashes. Messi’s went viral and went around the world, but there were many more. A few international media criticized the attitudes of Lionel Scaloni’s players, but what drew attention was that some local newspapers also did so.

rial focused on two, Clarín and La Nación. The driver from Argenzuela asked both “sons of bitches, let people party” and assured that “They don’t have a problem with football or anything. What they don’t want is to see people happy. It bothers them that people enjoy themselves, that they have a good time, that they are happy. They want them sad and anguished and saying that they are all wrong”.

“Let’s see, march in front: here we bank vulgarity. The vulgarity of being rebels against the powerful. So they want us submissive? But no, don’t be turros! I bank this Messi Maradoniano to the core, this Dibu Martínez who is our favorite psychopath, to Scaloni, to all of them. I bank on this team a lot and I’ve been wearing his shirt since he lost to Arabia. I was feeling cold with the World Cup but that day I said “now we have to support this team” and here I am totally fanatic”added Rial.

“Messi used to be bitched because he didn’t sing the anthem, because they forget that a few years ago he came out of a locker room and said “I don’t play anymore, this is not for me.” And now did you see how he sings? He shouts it! He failed to say “Sons of bitches” and it was Maradona in 1990. And you can see that they don’t like it,” he continued.

I read the note, and what is bad milk is the title, which must have been put by one of the bosses. In general, the one who titles is not the one who writes, the one who writes is the one who earns the mango by breaking his back, looking for information, running from one side to the other. The note could provoke an intelligent debate, but the title was bad milk”he added.

“Clarín finds it difficult to put “Argentina”. The other day they titled “Fans of the Argentina team”. Then they put that you could reach the final without facing anyone. I don’t understand them. It’s so nice to see people happy! !” he added.

Yes, I know, not even winning the World Cup is going to lower inflation, poverty or unemployment, which are tremendous and much more so for a Peronist government. But at least for a while allow people to enjoy themselves without bombing or attacking them. Here we are fans of vulgarity eh”stood out again rialwho announced that he has “passage and entrance” for the final on Sunday but that is not going to go.

“First because the trip is crazy, second because I don’t want to miss work so much, and third because we are doing very well without me there. Why cut that sequence” explained the man. Do not break the cabals, the best vaccine against mufa.

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Editorial incendiary of Jorge Rial against the media that called Lio Messi “vulgar”: “Bad milk that cannot see people celebrate”