“El Chalequero”, the story of the Mexican serial killer who killed at the same time as “Jack the Ripper”

Francisco Guerrero Perez, The Chalequero, is considered the first media serial killer in the history of Mexico. This is his story.

A middle-aged man who wears a hat and a jacket. His face sports a bushy mustache and an uncertain look. This is the best known photograph of Francisco Guerrero Perezaliases “the Chalequero”Mexican serial killer who took the life of 21 women in the already distant Mexico of the end of the 19th century.

To his famous nickname for which he went down in history in the national black chronicle are added “The Consulate River Ripper”, “The Mexican Ripper”, and “The Mexican Bluebeard”. But better let’s get to know the story of the first serial killer from national lands to be caught and exposed by the media.

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Francisco Guerrero Pérez used to wear a jacket, charro vest and pants cashmere. The detail of the vest, which was one of his hallmarks, seems to be the reason why this character was known as “El Chalequero”.

Another theory about the nickname of this character is related to the popular expression “pure vest” either “from a vest”which alludes to the fact that Guerrero wanted to make every woman he knew his sexual partner, which gives us an approximation of his disturbed personality.

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There are many mists around your first years of life. He was born in the region of Shallows in 1840. His family was very poor. He was the eleventh child of a broken marriage that he did not pay attention to his children or mistreated them, in the best of cases.

It is said that in 1862, at the age of 22, fed up with his mother’s abuse and the absence of his father, Guerrero Pérez emigrated to Mexico City to work for a shoemaker.

Guerrero made the colonies peralvillo Y Tepito, in the center of Mexico City, their hunting spots. His victims were almost always prostitutes to which slaughtered with a tanning knife. In some cases he even completely cut off the heads of these women.

Evidence was also found of genital mutilation in many of his victims. Once the task was done, she would throw the corpses into consulate river, today an important avenue in Mexico City. Many prostitutes knew what this man was doing, but they were so afraid of reprisals that they preferred to remain silent.

When they caught him, “El Chalequero” said that his crimes were for “clean up society” of these women “sinners”. A hatred towards the female sex was evident, perhaps generated by the abuse of his mother. This man was the first serial femicide known in Mexico.

The one in charge of catching him was the detective Francisco Chavez in 1888, the same year in London that Jack the Ripper did his thing in the streets of the neighborhood of whitechapel murdering sex workers. These similarities also caused our character to be nicknamed “The Mexican Jack the Ripper”.

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After learning of his crimes, the justice of the time sentenced him to death. However, former President Porfirio Díaz himself reduced the sentence to 20 years in prison. He got out of jail San Juan of uluaVeracruz in the year 1904. And just to continue killing…

Guerrero tried to lead a quiet life after two decades behind bars. But his psychopathic profile prevented him. strangled without mercy to one old woman in front of witnesses, which brought him back to the authorities. This time they realized the serious danger that this criminal represented for society.

“El Chalequero” spent the last years of his life in the Lecumberri prison until he died of tuberculosis in 1910, the same year the Mexican Revolution broke out.

There is a novel written by the Mexican author Bernard Esquinca, coffin meatwhich recreates the case of Francisco Guerrero Pérez, “el Chalequero”, one of the most infamous Mexican serial killers of all time.


“El Chalequero”, the story of the Mexican serial killer who killed at the same time as “Jack the Ripper”