“El Dibu is a divine psychopath”

THE DAYS normality elapses and advances, although the fever for the conquest of the World Cup by the Argentine National Team in Qatar still generates fever.

One of the well-known people who surrendered at the foot of La Scaloneta was none other than Carlos Alberto Solari, popularized as the Indio Solari.

“I saw a general joy. It gathered an incomprehensible crowd. An insane crowd by our standards, but which would also have been in any other place in the world. An epic and epic magnitude. No extra was missing! To show a similar crowd in El Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson had to blow smoke out of computers (laughs). Crazy!” recounted the singer, in dialogue with El Cohete a la Luna.

Later it spread around the people who filled the streets of Buenos Aires: “This quilombo seems beautiful to me. I was very moved the other day. I perceived the polenta of a group of kids who are hungry to justify their lives, with clear objectives. That’s the way it can be. Because they were united. A human group that had a project that encouraged from the bowels. There you have the key. If there is no emotion, nothing happens”.

He also tested a strong defense of Lionel Messi, who was criticized by certain sectors for several years for not performing in the National Team: “The ‘cold chest’ ate the championship. I saw him play with an invincible soul, in front of whoever he was. He had to be the captain, not only in football terms, and he gave it up. And even so it was dramatic”.

What happened after the defeat against Saudi Arabia in the debut in Qatar? The Indian was clear: “You have to have substance again when everyone has touched your asshole. Because when they see you on the floor, they kick you. After the first game? Mamita… But I was not intimidated. The team had been unbeaten in many games. It was not bad to have lost it, the keys (which determined who they would face) were lighter. France has a very boring game, which allows them to win sometimes but is basically a fraud. You have to play ball! For a reason the three greatest in the world were Argentines: Di Stefano, Maradona and Messi. And that we do not put Riquelme on the list, because he got along badly with the Nazi Van Gaal. “With you I have one less player,” he said. Go shit. This guy had a roll with all the good Argentines, who ended up covering his mouth because they succeeded one way or another. Riquelme did not bank on Van Gaal at Barcelona, ​​but at Villareal he hit a dance with all the greats “.

Finally, he highlighted the work of Emiliano Martínez, a fundamental piece in the goal of Lionel Scaloni’s team: “He’s a divine psychopath. If he didn’t save that last shot of the game against France, everything would go to hell. But he banked it. You have to put yourself like that in front of a guy who doesn’t kick like you or me. He hits you on the head and you’re groggy! Did you see what he did with his hand (when he was awarded the Gold Glove award)? The sheikh looked at him… He didn’t understand anything, never, poor thing!


El Indio, former leader of the Redondos, lived the final against France as a historic event and full of nerves: “I couldn’t believe they played so well. Until then they hadn’t shown such fluid articulation. They entered the box playing! But then the pressure became unbearable. Virginia, my partner, couldn’t watch the game, so she took the opportunity to clean house I walked all the time, I couldn’t sit down. I couldn’t stand it!”

And followed: “When they tied us, Argentina played a trick on me. I thought the worst, because we are always about to wet the cookie and in the end nothing happens. They took the best player in the world to prison… It happened to us a thousand times!” .

“But we won. And in that circumstance everyone was crying and he (Messi) was laughing. A smile as if to say: ‘I have a happiness that has no bottom and I can’t hide it'”, continuous.

What is being Messi for the Indian?

Being Messi should not be easy and this is how El Indio, a king of prose and poetry, as well as embodying the figure of a popular idol of the masses, analyzed it: “Being Messi must be nonsense, like being Maradona. Do you know what it’s like to go to Jakarta and continue being Messi? I said that he started very young and he must have gotten used to it little by little. My life changed a lot, popularity. They are ungovernable situations. Luckily they decided not to go to Plaza de Mayo. They were going to leave them in little pieces!”

“Messi was not ruined by fame. I love Maradona but he did things differently: he got into a character that ended up acquiring monumental dimensions. I don’t see Messi that way, but I liked that he accepted to be the captain, to get more serious and go yell at the referee. It’s what a captain should do!”, sentenced.

“El Dibu is a divine psychopath”