Eminem age, wife, children, illness and biography

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Let’s retrace the career, age but also the private life, wife and biography of the famous rapper loved by the whole world: Eminem.

Eminem age, wife, children, illness and biography

Before being Eminem, Marshall Mathers was M and M. But let’s retrace his artistic career and his family problems from the beginning.

Marshall Mathers was born in St. Joseph on October 17, 1972. His parents, very young, earn a living by performing in Detroit clubs, living in a trailer and using drugs.

At the age of 12 Marshall experiences the separation of his parents: his mother begins dating another man, with whom she will have a second child, Nathan, who is immediately removed from the family considered unsuitable. Nathan will therefore spend most of his childhood in social services facilities. Marshall, on the other hand, remains with his mother and, as will be known later through the lyrics of her songs, suffers the harassment and violence of his stepfather, while the woman, according to her, will develop an addiction to drugs and will never deal with get him to safety.

Even school life isn’t the best: a classmate of his puts him in a coma during a fight, and in the following years the bullying and absenteeism of a family solidity will only aggravate his situation. At 17 he decides to drop out of school and settles down with his girlfriend Kim, who is pregnant; he also stops dedicating himself to freestyle competitions, which until then had characterized his only outlet valve.

To support his daughter, he starts working as a dishwasher and assistant cook.

In 1991, his uncle Ronnie committed suicide, the only figure who assumed a paternal role for him.

The carreer

In 1996 he attempted a recording debut with the self-produced album Infinite but being a flop, his girlfriend Kim leaves him taking away Hailie Jade, Eminem’s daughter born to the couple in 1995.

After attempting to commit suicide with a cocktail of drugs, the rapper returns to settle with his mother for the following three years. Slim Shady begins to come to life in his head: a sarcastic and cruel psychopath, as he himself will define it. In 1997 he signed a contract with the first record company and went out The Slim Shady EP, first single from the album that will consecrate him to worldwide fame.

On February 23, 1999 it comes out The Slim Shady LP that wins 4 platinum records and is positioned in the first places of the US charts.

In 2000 it comes out The Marshall Mathers LP, subjecting the entire pop record industry to its feet. Eminem is at the top of the charts and on the covers of the whole world: Eminem sells 19 million copies of the disc.

In 2000, the rapper creates some legal problems: he threatens the manager of the Insane Clowne Posse with a gun and, the next day, points the gun at Kim’s alleged new boyfriend. Following the events he will be forced to two years of probation, as well as to pay a very high penalty. In the two years of semi-freedom Eminem, who in the meantime has developed an addiction to the sedative Zolpidem, is forced to detox, but later the same addiction will come back forcing him to cancel some live performances.

In the three years that separate him from the following album Eminem founded his own record label and, in 2003, took part in the autobiographical successful feature film 8milesfor which he will play himself.

Private life

Eminem’s big life story is Kim, born Kimberly Anne Scott, with whom he has a daughter. Their first marriage dates back to 1999. The relationship with Kim will continue to be put in serious difficulty by the rapper’s personality and addictions: on July 7, 2000, in fact, she attempted to commit suicide at her Clinton Township home, so he asked the divorce which was followed by an endless legal battle for who had to take care of their daughter Hallie.

Eventually Kim got the custody, but Eminem was allowed to visit. However, the two then got back together, but it lasted a few months. Finally came the second wedding of Eminem and Kim, on January 14, 2006.

It is not known whether Eminem is engaged today or not.

Eminem age, wife, children, illness and biography