Esther 2

By Francois R.

– Published on August 17, 2022 at 14:10

This spin-off of the thriller released in 2009 returns to the origins of the famous psychopath. And more particularly on the events in his first adoptive family. Dispensable.

Give a sequel, or rather a prelude to Esther, thriller on the razor’s edge released in 2009, was a challenge. Or rather nonsense. Why ? Because the final twist of the original film (which we will not reveal to you here) was the main concept on which this twisted story inspired by a sordid news item was based. By returning to the origins of the myth of this psychopath with the head of an angel, we thus totally invalidate the first film and sail on familiar ground without any surprises.

Rebellious. Esther, a little girl who seems uneventful (no, once again, we won’t spoil the first film for you), finds herself adopted into a family of very friendly rich men. But unexplained events take place, the father sees nothing, the mother throws a fit of paranoia and the little one rubs her hands with a sadistic smile on the corner of her lips. A feeling of deja-vu, less necessarily. Everything is watered down in this useless and boring prequel that smells like mothballs. Jumping back in time to explain Esther’s motivations was the best way to scuttle the character. And to strip him of his creepy aura.

Return to origins, kill the myth

Just like the short scene of dark Vador knocking out his enemies with a lightsaber in Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, Esther 2 – The Origins returns to the origin of an emblematic character to finally kill the myth. In Star Wars, Darth Vader’s strength is instilling fear with his mere presence in a room with his mythical breath. No need to grind swords and leave bloody bits of shit on the walls. The Sith is evil incarnate without doing much. Same for Esther who, in the original film, is often content with a cold look, nods, standing still in a corner to spin the willies. Evidenced by this gloomy scene where his adoptive parents (here, another couple) indulge in very hot antics in the kitchen before being surprised by the girl who looks at them with an unhealthy detached air. In Esther 2the screenwriters had the false good idea of ​​transforming this implacable torturer into a victim of abuse that would legitimize her violent behavior in the first film. Counter psychology, or how the abused in turn becomes an abuser, a theory that is often credible, but which falls flat here. The cold-blooded murderess becomes in this prequel a little girl developing feelings and growing empathy for her adoptive father. We are a long way from the perverse show of seduction that the antiheroine sets up with the father figure in the 2009 film with his out of whack sexuality. On his side, Isabelle Fuhrmanperformer of the title role, seems to be having a blast putting on Esther’s costume thirteen years later… We’re happy for her.

Esther 2 – Les Origines: useless and boring prequel [CRITIQUE]