Evan Peters, criticized by the mother of a Dahmer victim after winning the Golden Globe

DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ is one of the most watched and commented series of 2022, and with the arrival of the new year, it continues to generate controversy. The success of Netflix is ​​back in the news thanks to the Golden Globes, which have awarded its protagonist, Evan Peters, with the award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie. Although no one doubts the interpretive merit of Peters, there are those who They continue to criticize the series ryan murphy for getting a piece of a real tragedy that affected many people and their families.

Evan Peters at the 2023 Golden Globes

Since its premiere, ‘Dahmer’ has caused the discomfort of the victims of the psychopath known as the Milwaukee Butcher, who accuse Murphy and Netflix of profiting by rekindling the pain of the victims. It is the case of Shirley Hughes, mother of Tony Hughesone of the young men who died at the hands of Dahmer, who already in his day charged against the series and now returns to express his displeasure about the Golden Globes.

According to statements published by TMZ, Hughes is very upset about Peters’ award and thinks the actor should have used his speech to pay tribute to the victims and mention their families., who continue to suffer from Dahmer’s crimes. But Hughes goes further and believes that Hollywood should put an end to the projects on murderers, which, in his opinion, end up glorifying the figure of him.

In his sober speech, Peters wished “sincerely” that, despite being a hard series to do and see, “something good has come out of it”. To this in particular, Hughes responds that nothing good will come of the actor’s award, but rather that it adds even more pain to the families of the people Dahmer murdered, forcing them to relive the tragedy over and over again. “There are many sick people in the world and people winning acting awards for being murderers continues to feed the obsession and that makes sick people rise to fameTony’s mother points out.

Hughes ends up questioning Peters for accepting the part and he thinks he shouldn’t have played the killerout of respect for the families who continue to live with the pain of losing their loved ones. “It’s a shame that people can make money from our tragedy. The victims never saw a penny. We go through these emotions on a daily basis.”he concludes.

Netflix turns a deaf ear

Last November, Ryan Murphy decided to respond to criticism of the series, ensuring that his goal was never to romanticize Dahmer, but rather to expose his atrocities, as well as systemic racism, homophobia, and institutional failings by the police that contributed to the murderer being able to perpetrate his crimes without being hunted for a long time. “What are the rules now? Should we never make a movie about a tyrant?”said the producer, who this year has received the honorary Golden Globe Carol Burnett for his career and defends having made the series because “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen that really examines how easy it is to get away with aspects of white privilege”. Murphy also assured that they tried to contact the families and friends of the victims, but not a single one responded.

Far from cowering in the face of criticism, Netflix fully embraces the series, which it has turned into an anthology under the title of ‘Monster’ and has already been renewed for two more seasons, they will focus on “other monstrous figures that have impacted society”according to the company.

Evan Peters, criticized by the mother of a Dahmer victim after winning the Golden Globe