Everything you always wanted to know about the author of northern thrillers Franck Thilliez without daring to ask

Is Franck Thilliez a psychopath? Where does he live ? What are his sources of inspiration? On search engines, the writer’s life is scrutinized. Do not search anymore ! He tells you everything.

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With twenty novels to his credit, translated around the world, and seven million copies sold, the northerner Franck Thilliez has established himself as one of the masters of thriller, a genre highly prized by female readers.

Many are those who type the name of the writer into a search engine. Whatever the questions, classic or eccentric, Franck Thilliez answers them in Clean upa new interview format from France 3 Hauts-de-France.

Let’s say in the Lille countryside, but I remain a bit discreet because I would like to keep a certain peace of mind.

Yes and no. For the Sharko and Hennebelle series, it’s arguably better because there’s a personal hero timeline. Afterwards, I have another series of books which are one shots. These can be read out of order, starting with the last one and going back in time as you prefer.

Stephen King! I often quote him, he is an author with whom I spent all my youth, who frightened and fascinated me. His stories, I still think about them today and I draw inspiration from them to create very distressing atmospheres.

In the world we live in. I am quite a consumer of news items, very twisted, very complex. Often, in reality, what happens is much worse than in fiction. I just take what’s happening around us and turn it into exciting stories.

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Franck Thilliez in the show You are great Hauts-de-France broadcast on September 5, 2022

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(Laughs). That’s kind of the question I get asked every day… But if I were one, I wouldn’t say it. No, I am very different from what I tell in my books, and fortunately! And then, I could very well return the question to the readers. You who are fans of my stories and ask for more, wouldn’t it be you, the psychopaths?

I had the opportunity to review novels and it was a very interesting experience. It pleased me to highlight authors who were not necessarily known and who deserved it.

It’s a series that we created a few years ago with Nico Tackian, whose central character is played by Samuel Le Bihan. He is a cop who fled Marseille to flee the violence and settled in the mountains where he will still be forced to carry out investigations. The series is a real success, because it does good, especially thanks to its beautiful landscapes. What people are looking for is this breath, this beauty, something a little lighter than what I usually write in my books.

(Laughs). Still, writing is a real job! It’s true that originally I was a computer engineer. I practiced this profession for ten years, in various companies in the North. And after six years, I started writing. There was a transition period during which I worked during the day and I wrote at night, it was a bit like Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde!

The real first, the one I never talk about, is called animal consciousnessbesides it is almost impossible to find, so for that, you can always try to search on the Internet… If you find one, I’m interested!

And if you want to meet Franck Thilliez, know that the author is one of the guests of the Templemars crime fairfifteenth edition.

Everything you always wanted to know about the author of northern thrillers Franck Thilliez without daring to ask