“Fabián Tablado is a psychopath and Posadas cannot have a murderer living there,” Carolina Aló’s father said upon learning of his residence in Misiones

Carolina Aló’s father referred to the arrival of Fabián Tablado in the province of Misiones. Her daughter was stabbed to death 113 times by the man who fixed her address in the city of Posadas. Although he has already served his sentence, when he left prison he was denounced by his former partner for gender violence. “Having murderers on the street like Fabián Tablado, we all have to react because life is the most precious thing we have and especially if we talk about the lives of our children,” said Edgardo Aló in a telephone communication with Misiones Online.

The femicide of Carolina Aló, which was 26 years old, occurred on May 27, 1996 in the house of the Tablado family. Aló, then 17 years old, was dating Fabián Tablado, 20. For the fact, which at that time was not classified as a femicide, she received a 24-year sentence. But when she regained her freedom, she was denounced for gender-based violence towards his partner and the mother of his children, and obtained a restraining order against Edgardo Aló, Carolina’s father, since she tried to have contact with him several times. .

“When Fabián Tablado got out of jail, he was violent with his partner, the judge took him out of that house, he wanted to go to the game on the coast and they immediately declared him persona non grata, he had to stay in Santa Fe, where what happened Same, they kicked him out and there he went to Virasoro to rent an apartment with his mother that when the owner finds out, he automatically renews the contract, ”said Edgardo Aló.

According to a document sent on September 7 to Family Court No. 5 of the judicial department of San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Fabián Tablado reported that his new address is in the capital of Misiones. Days ago he tried to settle in the Corrientes town of Virasoro, a few kilometers from Posadas, but both the administration and society rejected his arrival.

“Now he is in Posadas, and he is sponsored by the Filipos Foundation. The pastor said that Tablado made a mistake. 113 stab wounds with 4 elements, a mistake for the pastor. That is the mentality that he has defending a murderer, ”said Aló.

“Posadas cannot have a murderer walking around”

The rejections for the arrival of Fabián Tablado were not long in coming, both from the Posada society and from the lawyer of the local forum, Federico Esquivel, who will present a precautionary measure repudiating the presence in Misiones of the femicide Fabián Tablado. And they will also do it from the Deliberative Council in the ordinary session next Thursday.

“He served his judicial sentence, but he has a social sentence. he says that it is the fault of society that does not let him live. He is wrong, these are the consequences of what he did and a society that does not forgive, that does not have a Penal Code”, he expressed.

And he added, “if we take into account what the experts say, Tablado is a psychopath, sadistic and perverse, he is a person who does not take no for an answer, he considers that the woman is an object and that she belongs to him. If I show you a letter in his own handwriting it says “Killing is not easy, but when you have a death it makes you feel omnipotent in the life of another. It is an adrenaline rush that I have to relive”, this means that we are in front of a dangerous person, who does not care or consider life as something appreciated”.

“Fabián Tablado is a psychopath and Posadas cannot have a murderer living there,” Carolina Aló’s father said upon learning of his residence in Misiones