False accusations against Garrido and Corbière: complaint by the Point journalist against Lagarde

PARIS: For the first time in history, a woman, Yaël Braun-Pivet, was elected President of the National Assembly on Tuesday after two rounds of voting which marked the start of the sixteenth legislature of the Fifth Republic, then that Elisabeth Borne continue the consultations.

“Discuss rather than fight,” said Ms. Braun-Pivet, a criminal lawyer new to politics in 2017 when she was elected a Macronist deputy after being a member of the PS.

President of the Law Commission, she was appointed Minister of Overseas Territories last month.

Citing some of her predecessors on the perch, in particular Richard Ferrand, whom she succeeds, but also Simone Veil who presided over the European Parliament, the new holder of the perch called for the Assembly elected on June 19 and which has “the face of France”, “kind of its walls”.

“I know that you will be keen to guarantee respect for pluralism and dialogue in this Assembly, at the service of our fellow citizens”, commented on Twitter the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne.

It was the dean of the deputies, José Gonzalez (RN), 79, who kicked off the work of the new Assembly, before pronouncing the constitution of the office of age, composed of the six youngest deputies.

In his brief speech greeted by applause, Mr. Gonzalez hailed a “symbol of French unity” with the meeting of all the deputies, and evoked with emotion Algeria, his native land from which he said he had been “ripped “.

Favorite, Yaël Braun-Pivet, former president of the Assembly’s Law Commission and short-lived Minister for Overseas France, came out on top after the first round (238 votes).

In the absence of an absolute majority, the hemicycle had to proceed to a second round, at the end of which it obtained more than half of the votes cast (242 votes), after the candidate presented by the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu, decided to withdraw his candidacy and that Members abstained.


Unlike most Western democracies, no woman has ever held this position in France.

The various parliamentary groups, at least ten with the new group finally baptized “Freedoms, independents, overseas, territories”, also had until 6 p.m. to officially declare themselves and submit the list of their members, which must finally allow the majority and the opposition to be counted.

In the days to come, the presidencies of the main bodies of the institution will still be awarded, including the key Finance Committee on Thursday, which the Nupes are fighting over, which has chosen the Insoumis Éric Coquerel and the RN for a battle which promises to be fierce.

When work resumed at the Palais Bourbon, Elisabeth Borne continued her negotiations to avoid blockages in the absence of an absolute majority.

The Prime Minister gets into the hard way by meeting in turn the leaders of the LR, socialist, communist and ecologist groups in the Assembly.

In a letter she sent to them on Monday, she took note of their refusal “to enter into a dynamic of coalition building or global agreement with the majority group”.

purchasing power

What his first interlocutor confirmed to him on Tuesday morning, Olivier Marleix (LR). “We told him again that it was not a question of any coalition whatsoever, but that we were there to try to find solutions. We are going to have a certain number of texts on which I think we must be able working together, like the question of purchasing power”, he insisted on the steps of Matignon.

But, he warned, “it will be more or less easy depending on the subject, and it will ultimately depend on the executive’s ability to listen”, acknowledging that the Prime Minister had shown Tuesday “d ‘a real desire to listen to us, rather a good omen”.

Received Tuesday evening at Matignon, the socialist Boris Vallaud invited Emmanuel Macron to “a deep questioning”: “What is he ready to give up? What compromises is he ready?”.

Before him, the ecologist Julien Bayou had mentioned “the need for a course, a vision” which “are lacking”. “We are hoping”, he said, “for a general policy discourse which will perhaps allow us to form an opinion”.

On Wednesday, Ms. Borne will successively receive André Chassaigne (PCF) at 8:30 a.m., Mathilde Panot (LFI) at 4:00 p.m., finally the leader of the RN deputies, Marine Le Pen.

A decree from the Head of State convening parliament in extraordinary session and setting the texts that will be examined is expected “in the coming hours”, specifies the letter from Ms. Borne, referring to the measures in favor of purchasing power and the project amending finance law.

President Emmanuel Macron expects proposals from him at the end of the week “for a roadmap” and the composition of a new government scheduled for early July.

The question of keeping Damien Abad in this government arises, while a complaint for attempted rape has been filed against the minister already targeted by other accusations of sexual assault. He announced in return a complaint for slanderous denunciation.

False accusations against Garrido and Corbière: complaint by the Point journalist against Lagarde