False forecasts and exhausted Sánchez model


We have been observing certain complexes in Pedro Sánchez for a long time when he faces Núñez Feijóo in the Senate. Experts also appreciate how he bites his jaw in uncomfortable situations and, in front of Alberto Núñez, the gesture is constantly repeated. Numerous photographs and recorded sequences prove it. Added to this is another “bad grape” gesture: looking sideways at the opposite or just below the eyebrows without looking up and with a frown. He usually does it when he receives a review of his exposure or they put him in front of his mirror of lies, traps, hoaxes and unfortunate forecasts. I am more and more convinced that the psychopath is evil what keeps him.

If Sánchez relied on the excessive time he had in the Senate to disrupt the arguments of the “luxury Galician”, the truth is that the forecasts failed as usual. Feijóo disarmed the president’s arguments following the straight line: putting him before the mirror of his demonstrated lack of transparency, his habitual lies, his undisguised stupidity and facing the reality of the country.

Each one is the son of his works and, precisely for this reason, Pedro Sánchez «the liar» came out shorn, while reinforcing the illustrious Galician. Of course, to reinforce Sánchez, there is already the degraded and denigrated CIS with his chef at the head and all his evil focused on selling lame, single and sickly donkeys such as his surveys. Tezanos throws a capote at Sánchez, at the same time that he throws the kilo.

It did not hurt that the head of the opposition recalled and demanded that the president of the social communist government withdraw his “general state mortgages” for the year 2023. Sánchez himself felt disarmed and made use of his usual gestures of contradiction and anger . “Is it insolvency or bad faith that the Government has always failed in its economic predictions?” Núñez Feijóo snapped at Sánchez before Nadia Calviño’s flushed and embarrassed face: another who is betrayed by gestures and reactions; that is, from her forced smile to the lighting up of her face as if she had a red light bulb installed behind her cheeks.

The President of the Government has been left without a triumphalist speech in the Senate. He was willing to lie after not having worked: he gave the same speech that he read in the Congress of Deputies and the intelligent Galician caught him at fault again. The liar, Pedro, does not seem to have discovered that thing about the Galician and the ladder. More skillful, ready and on fire than the lazy president, Feijóo demonstrated a clarity of ideas that Sánchez no longer has if he does not use lies and falsehood as wild cards. The worst of all is that his ministers have accommodated themselves to that creeping way of acting. Greyhounds come from caste, even if they are simple ministerial hounds.

The credibility of the president is already nil. In Europe they warn that, when Spain returns to request funds, it must demonstrate that it has spent and used them following the objectives set, as well as that it already has a body responsible for distribution, correct accounting and balance in business distribution and by communities . Until now they have gone botched after botched, not caring about it. They believed that there would be no European control and that is why the Treasury cared about one cucumber, two radishes and three peppers for the funds.

The proof of the existing bodrio is that María Jesús Montero has been frightened and has proceeded to dismiss the former person in charge of it in the Ministry of Finance. You will see, dear readers, that they are not even right when they rectify, if they proceed to do so. And since they will do it wrong, we can see that they blame the master armorer, while they cry out to Pontius Pilate. In short: like good hypocrites, they have more shells than a tortoise.

Is there anyone who can show that Sánchez does not represent an “exhausted” model based on false forecasts? The proof is that he has deceived us even in the IPC itself, as he believed that he was deceiving us with the numerous illegalities committed during the pandemic. The independent organizations themselves have also revealed it and the public has mocked how Nadia Calviño rectified her forecasts over and over again.

Review the newspaper library and see how the Bank of Spain, AiRef, BBVA, IMF and Funcas, among others, have poked the Government in the eye and particularly the First Vice President and Minister of Economy. Not only have they read her primer, they have also broken her shaft.

False forecasts and exhausted Sánchez model