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It will take place from November 17 to 27 at the Multiplex Belgrano cinema (Vuelta de Obligado 2238, CABA) and at the General San Martín Cultural Center (Sarmiento 1551), always with the aim of seeing the cinema that you will not see in other side on giant screen. Ticket value will be $400 per performance. In addition, the digital screen remains open, with a selection of films that will be exhibited through the Vivamos Cultura platform, so that they can be enjoyed throughout the country.

This year BARS will offer the most vibrant international genre film scene. The selection includes hundreds of short films and more than 60 feature films scheduled in different competitions and categories, with films that have been talked about everywhere they have gone, such as Mad Heidi (Johannes Hartmann, Sandro Klopstein), megalomaniac (Karim Ouelhaj), Jeepers Creepers (Timo Vorensola), Shark Side of the Moon (Glenn Campbell, Tammy Klein), Holy Spider (Ali Abbassi), the 5 devils (Lea Mysius), terrier 2 (Damien Leone) and to the bone (Luca Guadagnino). It will also offer the highlights of Latin American and local production, with titles such as Satanic Hispanics (which includes a segment directed by Demian Rugna), bone basket (Michelle Garza Cervera), legions (Fabian Forte) The Forgotten 2 (Nico Onetti) something that happened in new year (Jorge Luis Pinarello) or The Last Heretic (Daniel delaVega).

The legendary Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins (with his iconic alter ego Zé do Caixão) left behind a mystery, a ghost film shot in 1980 on Super 8, about which little was known beyond the title: To Prague (The curse). Miraculously recovered, restored and completed, it is exhibited for the first time in our country in this edition of BARS.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the seminal Argentine living dead film: Plaga Zombie, a horror walk will be held. On November 19 at 7:00 p.m. The meeting point will be the General San Martín Cultural Center (Sarmiento 1551). There will be a zombie makeup station for those who want to characterize themselves and participate in the walking dead tour, along Corrientes Avenue. Then there will be a special screening of zombie plague (1997, Pablo Parés and Hernán Sáez) with the participation of those responsible.

The 23rd BARS will open its activities with the preview of Jeepers Creepers: the reincarnation of the devil, the fourth part of the franchise of one of the new movie monsters. Directed by Timo Vuorensola (the same one who directed the two Iron Sky films), it will be the ideal preview to start preparing the ground for the 11 days that will follow.

On Saturday, November 26, you can see one of the most controversial films of 2022: terrier 2, sequel to the cult slasher released in 2016. Emerging from the lowest budget, it has already had a total box office success in the US, where viewers have suffered vomiting and fainting during the screening. In this second part, the clown Art is resurrected in the morgue. One year later, on Halloween night, the sinister psychopath returns to Miles County to attack teenage brothers whose late father bequeathed them a book of foreboding sketches.

After two years on hiatus due to the pandemic, the definitive contest of local fantastic cinema returns. The proposal is simple: the complete shooting of a short film in just one weekend, under specific thematic instructions and with limited deadlines for the delivery of the final cut. This year the proposal was once again a huge success, with a record number of subscribers. All the works of the participants will be screened and the jury will decide who will award the succulent prizes.

In order not to be disconnected from the online experience that was inaugurated last year and more than anything thinking of those who are far from Buenos Aires, a large selection of films from the festival can be seen, free of charge, through the digital platform Vivamos Cultura ( throughout the Argentine territory. You won’t believe the experience.

In its more than 20 years of history, the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre festival has accompanied and seen the growth of a generation of filmmakers who, like never before in the history of Argentine cinema, strongly promoted a national production of horror, science fiction and fancy. At the festival it was possible to see –many times as a premiere– works by current references in our genre cinema such as Daniel de la Vega, Demian Rugna, Pablo Pares, Fabián Forte, Gabriel Grieco, Nicolás and Luciano Onetti, Gonzalo Calzada, Nicanor Loreti and many more.

The festival did not neglect the history of national fantasy, recovering forgotten films such as the inquisitor (Bernardo Arias) and six tickets to hell (Fernando Siro), premiering in Buenos Aires historical films such as the beast man (Camilo Zacaría Soprani), making film projections of classics such as What will come (Gustavo Mosquera R.), Nazareno Cruz and the wolf (Leonardo Favio) or The revenge of sex (Emilio Vieyra) and even re-releasing classic Argentine TV shows such as tomorrow may be trueby Narciso Ibáñez Menta.

Started as a small sample in 2000 for 50 people in the microcinema of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA, later it went through the General San Martín Cultural Center, the Tita Merello Complex, the Multiplex Lavalle until its last headquarters, the Multiplex Belgrano where More than 10,000 spectators attended the various activities, which include screenings, talks and workshops.

In addition to being a space for the dissemination of local cinema, it is also a place to learn about genre cinema from around the world and its directors, summoning figures such as Fede Álvarez, Mick Garris or Ruggero Deodato.

First announcements of BARS, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre | WritingCinema