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What to see from October 26th to November 1st Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple Tv +, Paramount + and Now

October 26, 2022 at 17:36

The new movies and TV series to see in the week from 26 October to 1 November on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple Tv +, Paramount +, Now and other streaming platforms.


Let’s rob the duce – from 26 October

It takes courage to steal Mussolini’s treasure from Italy at war. Or unconsciousness. Both qualities are not lacking in the protagonist of the Netflix film “Rob the Duce” and his colorful band of men of action.

Guillermo del Toro’s room of wonders – from 25 October

Director Guillermo del Toro is the curator of a collection of eight disturbing and frightening tales. From 25 October the first two.

A life to rewind – from 28 October

After a long unhappy marriage, Emma (Megan Montaner, the famous Pepa from “The Secret”) has the chance to relive the last 10 years of her life.

Nothing new on the western front – from 28 October

Based on the famous book, the German film takes us into the trenches of the First World War and tells us harshly about its horrors.

Wendell & Wild – from October 28th

In this cartoon a girl who loves rock makes a pact with two demons: thanks to her they will be able to come to Earth and make their dreams come true.

The bastard son & the devil himself – from 28 October

We are in a world where witches exist: Nathan (Jay Lycurgo) is the illegitimate son of one of them. And he finds himself in the middle of the war between two “factions”.

Most viewed series on Netflix this week

  1. The Watcher – Disturbing letters. Strange neighbors. Sinister threats. A family moves into their dream home until she discovers she has inherited a nightmare.
  2. From Scratch – The strength of a love – An artist finds love with a cook in Italy and begins a journey of passion, mourning, resilience and hope between different cultures and continents that will change her life.
  3. Dahmer – Over a decade, Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 teenagers and young men before being sentenced. How did he escape arrest for so long?
  4. Everything asks for salvation – Daniele wakes up and discovers that he has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital against his will. There he will learn to love again with the help of other patients.
  5. Vatican Girl: the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi – 1983: a 15-year-old Vatican woman disappears into thin air, opening a mystery that spans four decades of history between international intrigues, the Church and the mafia.

Prime Video

The devil’s hour – from 28 October

Lucy can’t explain why, but every night she wakes up with a start. And always at 3.33. They call it “the hour of the devil”: it is the one in which anything can happen. The woman, who has an introverted son and a disturbed mother, is suddenly embroiled in a series of violent murders accused of a mysterious man named Gideon. But not everything is as it seems, at some point it will become impossible to distinguish truth from dreams, and the present from the past (and perhaps even from the future). Welcome to the new enigmatic English series produced by Steven Moffat (creator of “Sherlock”): a puzzle we are eager to solve.

Pintus @Taormina – from October 28th

Prime Video’s comic specials are enriched by this show that Angelo Pintus recorded in the splendid Ancient Theater of Taormina. Among the guests, Malika Ayane and Francesco Montanari.

Time is up 2 – from October 27th

In this sequel we find Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo (former half of Benji & Fede) who were still engaged at the time of filming.

Run sweetheart run – from 28 October

In this violent thriller, a young woman (Ella Balinska) decides to accept a blind date. But she is dealing with a psychopath.

Disney +

Boris 4 – from October 26

We laugh, and even a lot, because “Boris” is the perfect parody of what happens during the filming of a fiction or a TV series. 12 years after the last season, from October 26 on Disney + arrive the eight new episodes of the highly anticipated fourth chapter. This time we will see the director René Ferretti (Francesco Pannofino) busy directing none other than the story of the life of Jesus …

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi – starting October 26

This animated series focuses on the past of two key characters from the world of “Star Wars”: Count Dooku and Ahsoka Tano.

This is going to hurt – from October 26th

The series based on the autobiographical book by Adam Kay (released in Italian as “Le do un po ‘male”) tells the misadventures of a young doctor (Ben Whishaw) poised between irony and drama.

Apple Tv +

Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues – starting October 28

The musical genius of Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), but also his private life are at the center of a documentary by Sacha Jenkins that offers an unprecedented look at the American trumpeter, one of the greatest international jazz stars.

Paramount +

Free body – from October 26th

Five teenagers isolated from everything, under the snow of central Italy. It is not the plot of a survival series, but we are close to it, because the tension is always present and even blood flows. “Corpo libero” is the story of a group of young gymnasts who go to the Gran Sasso to participate in an international tournament, but it is above all a thriller, because from the first scene we know that someone will be killed. To find out who will be the victim and follow the investigation in search of the culprit, it will be necessary to delve into the tensions that bind and divide the girls. All under the (not very benevolent) gaze of the only two adults, the coach Rachele (Antonia Truppo) and the physiotherapist Alex (Filippo Nigro). The series, available on Paramount + from October 26, will arrive on Rai2 in 2023.


Gangs of London – starting October 26th

For those who love to see the series in the original language, the second season of the adrenaline-pumping “Gangs of London” is already fully available on Now for a few days. The dubbed version of this smashing action series about London gang fights will also arrive on October 26th.


The good fight – from October 26th

The epic of “The good fight” ends, the drama set in a Chicago law firm that sees the story of the lawyer Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, at the center of the story. Among the novelties of this sixth season (ten episodes in total) there will be the promotion of Liz (Audra McDonald) to “top partner” of the studio.

The playlist

In the psychiatric ward

If you are passionate about it Everything asks for salvationNetflix series set in a psychiatric ward, we recommend that you also review …

  • 5 days off – A 16-year-old is admitted to a psychiatric ward where he finds new answers for his life. A good bittersweet film, to be discovered. On Netflix.
  • Interrupted girls – There’s an Oscar-winning Angelina Jolie in this drama set in a 1960s hospital. Come on Netflix.
  • Shutter island – Leonardo DiCaprio visits a mental health center but not everything is as it seems. On Now And Infinity +.
  • One flew over the cuckoo’s nest – Masterpiece with Jack Nicholson forced to live in a psychiatric ward. The film can be purchased digitally on Kilos.

Recommended by Sorrisi

Every week at Sorrisi we recommend a series that is no longer new, but that is worth recovering and enjoying all in one breath, selected from the vast archives of streaming platforms.

The video library

A selection of old and new movies just landed on the platforms.


  • Morrison – A young man dreams of becoming a rock star. Directs Federico Zampaglione of the Tiromancino.
  • The nun – Terrifying horror set in a monastery in Romania. Prequel to “The conjuring”.
  • Peter rabbit – The adventures of a cute rabbit. For the whole family.
  • The mustang – An inmate learns about himself by training a horse.
  • A breath of air – Aldo Baglio is the protagonist of this brilliant comedy.
  • Bad moms – Mila Kunis leads the cast of a fun and wild film about “Mothers Revenge”.

Prime Video

  • Owners of the night – Original gangster film set in New York with the great Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes.
  • The man who will come – Heartbreaking reconstruction of the Marzabotto massacre. In the cast, also Alba Rohrwacher.
  • The devil – A Lucanian woman is accused of witchcraft in this 1963 Italian film. To be discovered.
  • Lost roads – One of the most intricate and surreal films of the brilliant David Lynch.
  • Love does not go on vacation – Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black are a super romantic foursome.

Disney +

  • Rosaline – Romeo’s ex has only one idea on her mind: to make him and Juliet break up …
  • Grimcutty – Two boys face an Internet-born demon.
  • When I grow up – A child expresses a desire to grow up. And he becomes Renato Pozzetto …

From “Boris” to “Rob the Duce”, the new films and TV series of the week | TV Smiles and Songs