From his father’s suicide to a phone call that led to his mother’s death: Pachelo’s family history

“If I had the balls to kill my father, killing you means nothing”, would have been the telephone threat of Nicolas Pachelo to Mariano Alberto Maggifriend of Robert Pachelo. Everything happened in a context in which the alleged murderer of Mary Martha he “bought” a truck from Maggie and paid him with stolen checks, which were later bounced.

The confession of the owner of a dealership uncovered a case that was already filed. According to what the court ruled, Roberto Pachelo committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple in 1996. when Nicholas he was barely 20 years old. But the death of the car driver would have had other reasons.

Jacqueline Barbara, the wife of Robert Pachelo At that time, he declared judicially that Nicholas it had to do with death. However, Justice filed the case and the young man was not even linked to the tragic episode.

But the death of his father was not the only episode in which he was linked Pachelo. His mom’s suicide Sylvia Ryan, it also places him as an indirect culprit. A call with her son would have been the trigger that led to the woman taking her own life less than a year after the murder of Garcia Belsunce.


The tragic death of Nicolás Pachelo’s mother

The tragic death of Nicolás Pachelo’s mother: “Why don’t you jump out the window?”

On May 29, 2003, less than a year after the crime of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce, Silvia Ryan jumped from the 11th floor of her apartment located in Retiro.

The case was always labeled as suicidebut during the trial for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce A conversation between Silvia and her son was revealed that explains a little more about the decision she made.

In the conversation, Pachelo asks him if he called the mother of Ines Davalos, his girlfriend at the time. The affirmative answer together with a “I am worried, I am afraid for you”unleashed the fury of the man who was 25 years old at the time.

“You are a horror, mother. Do you know that you are an undesirable being? Really. She called Inés’s mother crying.You are…. Do you know that you are mentally retarded?reply Pachelo to the screams Ryan tried to defend himself: “No, I’m scared. Go live in Inés’s parents’ house”.

The closing of the conversation seemed a hint of what happened five months later: “Why don’t you go to your mother’s con… and jump out the window, and stop breaking my balls, unhappy.”

The talk took place in January 2003 and, in just five months, Sylvia Ryan fulfilled Nicolas Pachelo’s wish: He jumped off the balcony of his apartment and took his own life. Before committing suicide he left written three letters that never saw the light.

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“Psychopath, manipulator and liar”: Nicolás Pachelo’s profile according to his ex

“Nicolas is a liar, he is violent, he was a thief, It’s dangerous -I denounced it- it’s very shady… But I don’t know if he’s capable of having killed María Marta”, declared his ex, although in the same testimonial he said that, after separating, he threatened her and even called her to tell him how she was dressed so she would know he was watching her.

Ultimately, the couple divorced in 2010. “I realized that it was murky, that it had many problems. I don’t have much recollection of what happened in carmel, but of what happened in Capital due to robberies and thefts that he committed, “Inés told Justice, who described Nicolás as “very liar” and controlling. “He is a guy who imposes fear, I felt fear,” she described.

The deputy prosecutor of San Isidro, Patricio Ferrari, described him as “a criminal of race linked to the world of crime since adolescence. He is a psychopath, a narcissist, an inveterate gambler, capable of killing and much more.

Pachelo today is 46 years old and has been detained for more than four years in Unit 9 of La Plata, awaiting the start of the trial that will take place in the Oral Criminal Court No. 4 of San Isidro.

This court is the same one that must give a verdict in the case brought forward by the robbery of eight houses in gated communities: five in the Tortugas de Pilar country, two in Nordelta and one more, in the country of Abril, in the Hudson area. According to the investigators, this modality is the one that would have been used in the case of María Marta Belsunce and that ended with the death of the sociologist.

“Psychopath, manipulator and liar”: the profile of Nicholas Pachelo December 2017 and March 29, 2018, was made from a total of 32,000 euros, 249,000 pesos, 8,820 dollars, more than 40 watches, including a Cartier; ten jackets and slippers, several pieces of jewelry, three gold bars, a towel, a blue and a white sweater, a cross, a Glock pistol and shares of the robbery victim’s companies.

Horacio García Belsunce spoke about Nicolás Pachelo

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From his father’s suicide to a phone call that led to his mother’s death: Pachelo’s family history