‘From within’, the series that does not leave you indifferent

SSteven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were authors of the well-known Sherlock and the series about Dracula for Netflix. This time Moffat has created From inside next to the director Paul McGuigan. This thriller has become one of the most addictive on the platform and it is not surprising, since in this plot every detail of the script is taken care of. stanley tucci surprises again with his role as a prisoner in From insidethe new Netflix miniseries in which he gives life to Grieff.

The plot is raised from an unusual point: the murderer as a detective. Grieff’s character draws attention for being an extraordinarily intelligent criminologist and rational with a certain sophisticated air of calm, who is convicted of the brutal murder and mutilation of his wife. The character has his own standards of justice and, despite not revealing the mysterious reason why he committed the crime, he assumes his sentence at all times without trying to go unpunished, considering it a fair punishment for the acts he committed.

Although it is equally entertaining, since it manages to keep the viewer alert, the main case that Grieff is presented with may not be credible, since it revolves around the character of david tennanta Protestant pastor who finds himself in serious trouble due to an unfortunate streak of bad decisions and who raises the limits of confessional secrecy.

It all starts when one of the pastor’s companions gives him a flash drive at a certain moment, insisting that no one see its content. What begins as a favor to a partner, leads him to bear the blame for acts that do not correspond to him and to commit others that will be his responsibility.

This argument about the flash drive makes the viewer wonder to what extent the parish priest could have avoided the situation by not being under confession secrecy at the time it was handed over to him, or to what extent he could have prevented other people from taking it while being more careful about where he left it.

Given his intelligence, Grieff will receive the visit of several people who will present him with cases to solve “from inside” the prison, of which the murderer decides to accept only those that he considers interesting. His ability to notice details that others fail to pay attention to and the way he plays with whoever comes to him, manages to create suspicion on occasions even among the very people who come to visit him in prison.

As in other series and movies of this cut, there is a journalist Beth Davenport (Lydia West) that serves as a link between the interior of the prison and the exterior. Mary will follow the steps indicated by telephone by Grieff and will also try to find out where her friend Janice is, disappeared without a trace.

A similar argument could already be seen in 1991 in The silence of the lambswhere Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic psychopath who helped a college graduate who aspired to be part of the FBI to catch Buffalo Bill, the murderer who killed his victims to rip off their skin. Lecter, a former psychoanalyst endowed with above-average intelligence, helped Clarice Starling to decipher the killer’s behavior patterns.

‘From within’, the series that does not leave you indifferent