García Belsunce case: Nicolás Pachelo created an Instagram profile to tell his version

Nicolás Pachelo tells his version on networks. Credits: The newspaper Ar

The third trial to clarify the crime of Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce, who was shot six times in the head on October 27, 2002, is in her first month. Meanwhile, the main suspect in the crime, Nicholas Pachelo He created more than one profile on various social networks to spread his version of the story.

His first post on Instagram It was a selfie photo taken at the facilities of Unit 9 of La Plata, accompanied by an epigraph that reads: I’m innocent. In this way, Pachelo changes the strategy and approaches the people who always pointed him out for not speaking publicly and receives constant comments of support.

Pachelo is currently serving a sentence since 2018 for a series of robberies committed in private neighborhoods, while awaiting the resolution of the accusation to which he is subjected.

“By this means I am going to share chronologically -my truth-. The other version that nobody heard until now, ”she wrote on Instagram that can be seen publicly for the time being. However, she also added that soon the account will be made private to regulate readers and comments.

Media such as La Nación maintain that Pachelo chose to speak publicly on networks because he would not be satisfied with the journalistic coverage that he can read about the hearings.

“What no one heard until now,” says Pachelo on Instagram. Credits: Instagram.

change of strategy

Pachelo already used an Instagram account, but until now it was private. This change in his behavior did not sit well with judicial officials, who argued that Pachelo should speak in court and not on the internet.

His first video uploaded to YouTube lasts 9.27 minutes and in it he points directly at the prosecutors in charge of the accusation Patrick Ferrari, Federico Gonzalez Y Andrew Quintana. Affirming that “they are trying to put a bow on this cause, trying to convict an innocent person to amend the 20 years of legal paperwork.”

Nicolás Pachelo maintains that justice should seek the owners of the DNA found at the crime scene, instead of incriminating him with the same evidence as 20 years ago, when he was convicted. Carlos Carrascosa.

“Today I am sitting without any evidence in the dock”maintained and affirmed that nobody seems to remember the DNA found at the crime scene, one female and two male, and that when compared to his, they were twice negative.

Prosecutor Patricio Ferrari said: “Pachelo is a criminal of race, linked to the world of crime, psychopath, narcissist, inveterate gambler, capable of killing and much more.”

María Marta’s crime remains unsolved. Credits: NotiFe

For his part, Pachelo concludes his virtual monologue by saying: “I have the need to explain to people the barbarity that is being done. We cannot continue allowing the Judiciary to accuse people for free.”

Until now, the trial continues its process and today, after 20 years and hundreds of pages in the file, justice does not know who killed María Marta.

García Belsunce case: Nicolás Pachelo created an Instagram profile to tell his version – Nota Al Pie