García Belsunce case: the prosecution requested a life sentence for Pachelo – Police –

Prosecutor Patricio Ferrari said that he is the “undisputed author” of the Pachelo crime, whom he defined as a “psychopath.”

Ferrari remembered that Pachelo was a poker player and began to show cards to conclude the main tests one by one on the country neighbor El Carmel.

“Judges, the game is over and we demand that Pachelo be sentenced to life in prison,” he concluded.

Prosecutor Patricio Ferrari affirmed that Pachelo “fired six shots causing the death” of María Marta, whom he “hit all over her body”, and after that “placed her in the bathtub” to mislead.

“Pachelo is the undisputed author, there is no reasonable doubt about it. It is the only way, the evidence is plural and varied and deserves his undisputed conviction,” he justified.

Ferrari accused Pachelo only of the homicide because as soon as he began his speech he said that there was no evidence to accuse the guards Norberto Glennon and José Ortiz, who had initially been sent to trial as accomplices of the El Carmel neighbor in killing María Marta that October 27, 2002.

The prosecution made up of the case by Andrés Quintana, Federico González and Patricio Ferrari began by accusing Pachelo of a sequence of robberies that took place after the crime of María Marta.

For those robberies, for which Pachelo is accused along with two guards, a sentence of no less than 15 years in prison was due for those acts alone.

For the guards Iván Martínez and Matías Marasco they demanded sentences of four and nine years, respectively, since they were accused of being accomplices in these robberies.

While the prosecutors described the robberies in great detail, images from security cameras were displayed on a screen, some of which showed Pachelo in the vicinity of the stolen places in the different countries, such as Tortugas or Los Pingüinos.

Part of the robberies were confessed by Pachelo during the trial, and it is the pyramidal base of the prosecution when trying to highlight the “theory of the case”: that Pachelo was a criminal and entered to steal when there was no one in the properties as it happened in the Belsunce case, although María Marta returned earlier than expected and therefore murdered her.

In his plea, Ferrari detailed the accusation in ten chapters to which each one was preceded by a title. One of them was the “criminal profile” of Pachelo, whom he described as a psychopath: “For him, killing a person is like killing a fly.”

“Pachelo is going to kill again,” the prosecutor warned the judges before ordering the sentence against him.

According to the prosecution, one of the striking elements was that Pachelo the day after María Marta’s crime “called five real estate agents” to sell his house in El Carmel and that even when he sold it he did so at a value below the market price. .

Also that the next day Pachelo went to a bar located in a service station and asked about that woman who had been killed in a country house, when at that time it was not public knowledge that María Marta had been murdered but it was believed that she died of an accident, and the homicide was only discovered two months later with the autopsy.

Ferrari was also talking about the “false alibi” that Pachelo tried to play by saying that at the time the crime was committed, he was in the Federal Capital with his mother, the latter who committed suicide after García Belsunce’s crime.

“He decided to commit suicide because he could not support that alibi and because Carlos Carrascosa had been released. The evidence was close to Pachelo who enjoyed impunity,” said Ferrari.

Pachelo always said that around 7:00 p.m. he was no longer in El Carmel, but rather shopping in a shopping center in the Federal Capital for which he had a ticket to enter the mall at 6:40 p.m.

One of the chapters was the violent robbery suffered by María Marta Augé on September 13, 2003, a year after the Belsunce crime: it was a similar event where that woman, upon returning to her apartment in Las Heras and Ayacucho, was held at gunpoint. by a stranger who demanded the money from the safe.

Pachelo for that robbery was sentenced in an abbreviated trial where he agreed to a lesser sentence with the prosecution. There he acknowledged his involvement.
“The fact is traced and less than a year later, it was Pachelo wielding a firearm, placing it in the same place as María Marta and demanding a safe,” alleged the prosecution.

“All roads lead to an unequivocal conclusion,” Ferrari closed.

García Belsunce case: the prosecution requested a life sentence for Pachelo – Police –