Gerardo Romano defended himself against accusation of abuse: “It’s the last straw”

These are not being easy weeks for Gerard Romano. A few days ago, the actor was accused by the actress Paula Di Chello of having kissed her off script until her lip was bleeding when they shared the set of love is saida novel that was broadcast in 2005 on the screen of Telefe.

Although at first he preferred to remain silent, in the last hours the protagonist of An ordinary Jew He decided to speak and give his version of the events. “It is the last straw to denounce an actor for doing his job well,” Romano considered in an interview with La Nación and when talking about that moment, while recalling how “violent and sadistic” that villain was that he had to interpret in one of the many successes of Quique Estevanez.

After denying each of his colleague’s words, Romano explained why this action seems “unethical” to him and outlined his own theory about what is hidden behind this strong accusation. “Is it okay for an unknown and inconsequential actress to falsely denounce an actor to have some promotional point of reference and thus sell his children’s books?” He asked, true to his style.

Romano confessed that the public accusation of abuse distressed him: “I am 76 years old, I have been an actor for 50 years, I have been a lawyer for 56 years. I was head of the Proceedings Division of the National Ministry of Justice, I was a professor at the UBA Law School, I was a federal police officer, I was a cadet at the Military College, I played rugby at the Olivos Club. I don’t have a record, I have a reputation, I love my children, I fulfilled my parents “said.

“I was distressed,” he considered when referring to the complaint. “I found out because a tweet appeared that said there was a complaint for sexual or workplace harassment. I did not intend to speak, I did not want to give rise to “hanging from my tits”, paraphrasing the philosopher Moria Casán. I did not think or answer, but when this person began to invent that he was running her through the corridors, there I could not stay silent, “he added.

Gerard Roman and
Gerardo Romano and Paula Di Chello in the scene of the controversy.

He denied having practiced any type of harassment. “I never persecuted anyone. Never. That lie does not match my reality. I’m short, crooked, shy, withdrawn, it was never in my essence to face a woman because I can’t stand rejection. I didn’t even go to the bowling alleys to pick me up girls, it was something that was uncomfortable for me. Also, luckily or because of work, the press gave me the category of sex symbol, which always generated an abundant offer for me, both female, male and trans, so I never had to chase anyone down any hallway. On the contrary, they kicked me out! That for one thing. And then she makes a second complaint, where she talks about a scene and says that I bit her and made her bleed,” she opined.

About the scene for which he is questioned and the actress Paula Di Chello, Romano said: “No, I don’t remember. I don’t know who he is, I don’t even remember his face. This happened almost 20 years ago. I entered that novel called by Quique Estevanez to play the villain. In fact, he never kissed. He was no longer old enough to kiss because old people don’t fall in love on television. I am being denounced for doing a scene as an actor, where I played a stalker, to a violent and sadist, to a psychopath, to a fucking soap opera. Someone is denounced with something impossible to prove, with a typicity that does not exist in criminal matters. The rest of the work is done by trolls, social networks and television bounce. Added to this operation is the political affiliation of the accused because on Twitter they put me: “You are a Kirchnerist violinist, HDP.”

Contrary to what Di Chello denounced, Romano stated that the scene was in the script.

“I did not leave the script or the character. For reasons of camera, focus, lights, movements, it has to be rehearsed. This scene had tremendous power. His face between my two hands, the back of his neck pressed against the wall , and instead of giving her a normal hickey, I grab her and bite her upper lip with my teeth, but I’m marking her, I’m not squeezing her to make her hurt,” she recalled.

Gerardo Romano defended himself against accusation of abuse: “It’s the last straw”