Germán Cáceres spoke with pain in his new version, says lawyer for Lieutenant Alfonso C.

The image of Germán Cáceres was disseminated internationally. Photo: Twitter

“Are we facing the profile of a psychopath?” the journalist Fausto Yépez consulted the lawyer Gladys Terán upon German Caceresduring an interview with FM Mundo, on the night of January 12, 2023.

“I would think not. He did not do it coldly (give his new version), it hurt him to speak. He wasn’t really a psychopath, it hurt him to talk. He felt it in his voice, in his way of expressing himself, in his gestures. At least I saw, I felt that what he was expressing to justice hurt him, “explained the lawyer who witnessed this new version of Cáceres, because defends Lieutenant Alfonso of the three prosecuted for the alleged crime of omission in the femicide of María Belén Bernal.

“What did you see in his eyes?” the journalist asked again. “We could not see her, because finally the prosecutor ordered that we be behind his back (Cáceres), we saw his face from the sidebut not looking straight ahead. This is because the prosecutor wanted there not to be some kind of intimidation with respect to the people who were there. And, obviously, we could not ask questions because she accepted the right to silence, “said Gladys Terán.

“At some point in this version did Cáceres break?” The lawyer sighed and replied that she believed that she did. “I felt that what he had done hurt him. It’s not that he said it like a psychopath, but I felt that it hurt him; as a kind of repentance, but what he did is done and he has to answer for what he did, “concluded the lawyer.

Does the investigation change for Alfonso C.?

Lieutenant Alfonso C. was at the Higher Police School at dawn on September 11, 2022. According to the version he gave on September 14, he would have heard a discussion between Germán C. and his wife. He even went to the room of the main suspect in the crime.

His defense says that with the confession of German Caceres his client is free of guilt, since he assures that he acted alone. In addition to the fact that Alfonso C. could not prevent the perpetration of the femicide, because when he opened the door of the room where he heard the noises, María Belén Bernal was already lifeless.

Bernal’s defense believes that Cáceres “misrepresented the truth”

The lawyer for the Bernal family, Jesús López, considers that the femicide confessed missed the truth in some aspects. He said that he cannot reveal those alleged inconsistencies because the investigation of the case is still ongoing.

“Cáceres did not speak of accomplices or accessories (…) We know that Cáceres is lying in the chronology of the events. He said that he buried the body of his wife without help, on the Casitagua hill. (…) He remembers everything and knew what he was doing, “added López.

elizabeth otavalothe victim’s mother, believes that the ex-policeman was lying about how he took her daughter’s body out of the Police Academy.

Otavalo considers that the confessed femicide obtained help to move the body. In addition, he said through tears, that he suspects that her daughter’s body was even refrigerated.

“When I found my daughter I checked her body and it wasn’t even decomposing yet. And remember we found her buried in the Casitagua hill 10 days after. That is, on September 21,” Otavalo explained.

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Germán Cáceres spoke with pain in his new version, says lawyer for Lieutenant Alfonso C.