Goat Simulator, the game that will make you completely goat

4 clogs, costumes and a single objective: to sow chaos wherever she goes! Back to the Goat Simulator license, one of the craziest in video games.

On PC, simulation games are legion. Often enabling them to discover a job or how a structure works, they allow players to manage a farm (Farming Simulator), to live the life of a truck driver (Euro-truck Simulator) or to become a pilot (Flight simulator).

Other games of this type like the sims 4 allow you to manage human beings and create a dream life for them. In the past, the concept has been extended to animals, as was the case with Sim Ant. And in 2014, a new type of simulation was born: one that puts you in the shoes of a goat.

Goat Simulator's goat staring at the horizon

On paper, Goat Simulator had nothing to shine or mark the minds of players. Yet what initially looked like an April Fool’s Day joke managed to become a phenomenon.

From a simple physics engine test to an arrival on the Xbox Games Pass

Because yes, Goat Simulator could literally have been a joke forgotten in the lumbes of Steam. The first game in the series officially released on Steam on April 1, 2014.

However, the game was not intended for release. It was fan craze for a particular video that prompted its developers to release the title.

A parody of Dead Island with a goat?

Originally the title was developed by 9 Swedish students, melting in the wake of Coffee Stain Studios. The original idea was simply to test a physics engine and the element chosen to experiment with gravity was a goat.

Finding the idea both quirky but also amusing, the students took out a parody trailer featuring Dead Island. We can see the beginnings of what will later become the eponymous game with a goat with a blank stare exploring an apocalyptic world. But this trailer was only to remain at the clog parody stage.

However, the internet is completely addicted to this goat and wants to know more. The video even reached several million views in a few days. The players are insisting on the studio to make this completely crazy project a reality.

And after thousands of instant comments, the developers declared that the internet had won and the game would be released. But under certain conditions even more unusual than the starting postulate.

Bugs galore that didn’t put fans off

The developers are therefore working on this game based on the images of the trailer. But they warn players: the game will be “stuffed with bugs to make it more fun”. In order to avoid any problems, bugs that cause the game to crash are eliminated so as not to affect the gaming experience.

Upon its release, the game was savaged by critics. They consider this joke to be of little interest, has too many bugs and is very expensive for such an experience. Indeed, the game is offered at € 9.99 for its launch. But for the players, it’s a different story.

Goat Simulator's goat and its sticky tongue

Goat Simulator is a hit to the point get 90% positive reviews on Steam. Much appreciated by Youtubers of the time, including PewDiePie and Squeezie, the game quickly gained popularity despite its unusual concept. Quickly, the game is also released on Xbox One and even integrates the Xbox Games Pass.

The story of the creation of the game is also so crazy and insane that it was the subject of a documentary released on Youtube called Goat Simulator: The best worst idea. (Subtitles are available but only in English)

Goat Simulator, a real game with multiple expansions

What is Goat Simulator?

Not really a simulation despite what its name suggests, Goat Simulator is more a sandbox where the player is free to do what he wants. He embodies a goat who has the particularity of being able pick up objects with his tongue but above all to be indestructible.

This allows in particular complete dangerous challenges where you have to break objects or fly as far as possible. Each action or challenge allows you to accumulate points. The goal is to get as many points as possible with this psychopathic goat resistant to shocks and explosions.

One of Goat Simulator's quirky challenges

More thought of as a stress relief than as a real game, the first version of Goat Simulator was therefore a pretext to destroy everything with great blows of hooves. But the adventure did not stop there.

The MMO to create your own warrior goat or mage

Between Skyrim and The Witcher 3, role-playing games were popular in the mid-2010s. Inspired by this craze for RPGs, the developers of Goat Simulator then had the idea of ​​transposing this medieval-fantasy universe into their flagship title.

Thus Goat MMO Simulator will be released on November 20, 2014. Today integrated into the basic version of the title, it allows the player to complete new wacky quests in the skin of a goat.

But this time, the goat can embody one of the many emblematic classes of role-playing games: warrior, thief, magician or microwave ! And in her epic, she can encounter dwarves and elves “just like in this movie”, obviously referring to The Lord of the Rings.

Many DLCs for a GOATY like no other

If Goat Mmo Simulator was one of the title’s outstanding DLCs, there were others this time for a fee. For example, there is a zombie-themed DLC called GoatZ, but also a DLC on Paydaymods to change his goat into another animal and an intergalactic DLC: waste of space.

The different expansions of Goat Simulator

Finally, the game will even be entitled to a Definitive edition called GoatY Simulator. Once again, humor is in order because this title refers both to GOTY (Game of the Year) but also to Goat (Greatest of all time).

The arrival of Goat Simulator 3 in 2022 or the story of the goat who could not count

After a game with multiple expansions, the goat made its return on November 17, 2022 with Goat Simulator 3. This figure did not fail to astonish because in itself, there is no 2nd opus with the license.

Nevertheless, this does not surprise fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of the craziest animal in video games. In this new opus, the goat continues to cause chaos wherever it goes. But this time, she goes even further in delirium and parody.

Goat Simulator 3 goats playing Rocket League

The developers did not hesitate to take some elements from star games like GTA 5 or Rocket League to give players more wacky content. Customization level, the goat is also spoiled. In addition to a plethora of costumes and accessories to collect, it is possible to change her into other animals !

The physics are then adapted, which can give rise to unusual plans where a giraffe bounces on a trampoline or even a tractor race with a rhinoceros.

Goat Simulator... or Rhino Simulator?

Exclusive to Epic Games Stores on PC, Goat Simulator 3 is waiting for you! So if you like chaos, bugs and crazy Jackass challenges, go meet this extraordinary goat.

Goat Simulator, the game that will make you completely goat