Godlike Burger

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Today it’s meat on the menu! After a stint on PC, Liquid Pug and Daedalic’s deadly cooking simulator Godlike Burger is on its way to its next destination in a quest to find the most delicious alien burgers. On November 2, players can become a space-traveling chef and manage their intergalactic restaurant on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in this dark and humorous management game. It’s almost time to boost your vitamin A levels and eat more aliens!

In Godlike Burger, you play as a psychopathic chef and you serve the best burgers in the universe. The secret ingredient? Your customers ! Manage the restaurant, prepare tasty burgers and kill tons of aliens. But be careful… don’t leave any leftovers! You will have to lure customers into traps to turn them into delicious meat pies, but also manage your restaurant and avoid getting caught. By catering to your customers’ preferences for different types of alien meat, improving the kitchen and its inventory, you will increase your restaurant’s reputation in order to travel to other planets. But be careful not to stay too long in one place because the space police are always on the lookout for the culinary madman with a bloody cleaver.

Main features:

  • Prepare your best burgers and make your seedy bistro the hottest restaurant in the universe. The more you are known, the more customers, money and planets you will have to visit!
  • Use your many traps, your deadly sauces and your cleaver to kill your customers!
  • Improve your cooking, identify the tastes of each alien race and discover the Holy Grail of the burger.
  • Explore the galaxy and its systems. There are many races of aliens, with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Don’t get caught! Don’t leave any witnesses and don’t arouse the suspicions of the police… Be smart.
  • At night, manage your restaurant like any good self-respecting cook: prepare new “sauces”, buy ingredients and improve the kitchen, traps and weapons.
  • Complete quests and solve dozens of problems: clogged toilets, meteor showers or zombie attacks…

Don’t get caught! Leave no witnesses or arouse police suspicion by playing and planning smartly.
Godlike Burger will come out on nintendo-switch, playstation4 and Xbox One November 2.

Godlike Burger – Discover the deadliest chef in the galaxy! – GeekNPlay