Griselda Blanco, the patron saint of cocaine

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Column by Ricardo Magaz in h50 Digital Police. “CHRONICLES OF THE NINE PARABELLUM”

Griselda White Restrepo (Cartagena de Indias, 1943; Medellín, 2012) has been the most powerful and brutal woman that drug trafficking has given. nicknamed “The Queen of Cocaine” Y “The Black Widow”led the Medellin Cartel with an unforgiving hand before handing over to Pablo Escobar. These days are the tenth anniversary of his death by gunshots in a settling of accounts in a butcher’s shop in Medellin. She was 69 years old. addicted to adrenaline from anger, cocaine and sexWith her death, the most bloodthirsty matriarch of drug trafficking in the last century disappeared.

cruel psychopath

Griselda White it was one book psycho: narcissistic, without empathy towards suffering, without remorse, manipulative and, as has been said, extremely cruel. Among the hundreds of murders that she ordered to be committed in Colombia and in the United States, are two of her three husbands.

Griselda, occupies next to Pablo Escobar Y El Chapo Guzmanthe “legend” pedestal in the world drug criminal. Born into an unhappy family, she grew up on the streets of Medellin cheating, extorting and occasionally collaborating as a hook in kidnapping children from wealthy families for ransom.


In that breeding ground, the Colombian did not take long to test the cocaine market and climb positions. Little by little she made a name for herself based on brutalities. Griselda It is considered the first capo to subcontract hit men to eliminate rivals and sow terror around them. Thus he reached the top of the Medellin Cartela group then divided into territorial factions that she “domesticated” to point blank range, becoming the undisputed matriarch. It is estimated that, up to the time of his arrest in 1985, together with some thirty of his men in the biggest drug trafficking case of the time, he had ordered the assassination, and often beheading and hanging on bridges, of several hundred people. .

City without law

rated as one of the richest and most dangerous women of her timegave way to Pablo Escobar“The patron of evil”, in the cartel headquarters and became plenipotentiary ambassador of the capo de capos in Miami during the 1970s and 1980s. All the cocaine that entered via Miami provisioned by the omnipotent clan of Griselda. Tons and tons of farlopa flooded the metropolis to the limit of one city ​​without law. The same thing happened to other towns in the state of Florida.

Cocaine Cowboys

To get an idea of ​​the business, it is worth watching the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys” (2006), by the filmmaker billy corbenwhere the radical change of the city from cocaine and the violence of Griselda. This is not the only film that the film industry has produced about “The Black Widow”. In 2017 the film was shot Griselda: the queen of cocaine“, from the director William Navarrostarring Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Kennedy kidnapping

The audacity with which the patron saint of the farina Colombian on American soil was impressive. While serving time in prison she planned to kidnap JFJ Juniorson of the former president John F. Kennedy, to exchange it for his freedom. The DEA and US intelligence discovered the plot in time and were able to avoid blackmail. What they could not prevent, however, is that Griselda will protect his band from prison through his children. She baptized one of them, the last of her third husband whom she had unceremoniously killed, in the purest style of The Godfather with the name of Michael Corleonein memory of the Italian-American mobster.

multinationals of drugs in Spain

I bring this H50 column the story of Griselda White Restrepo, “The black widow of coca”, ten years after his death riddled with bullets… and as a paradigm. Indeed. Spain, although it seems a hyperbole, is not so far from Griselda Blanco. On the contrary. The Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, Andorra and the enclave of Gibraltar) is a geostrategic area of ​​the first magnitude. We are a stone’s throw from Africa, we have thousands of kilometers of coastline, several archipelagos and we are, idiomatically and sentimentally, the meeting point with Latin America. Our country is currently the largest gateway to cocaine and hashish to the Schengen area of ​​free movement of the European Union. Lhe drug “multinationals” put their dirty hands on our lot a long time ago. What can go wrong?

Ricardo Magaz is a professor of Criminal Phenomenology at UNED, an essayist and a member of the National Police (sgda/ac)

Griselda Blanco, the patron saint of cocaine – h50