GTA 5: Why Trevor is the best character in my opinion?

It was in September 2013 that PS4 and Xbox 360 players were able to discover Grand Theft Auto 5. For the first time in the history of the license, we were able to play with 3 protagonists who are Franklin, Michael, and finally Trevor. If the three men are bound by the force of things, there is still one of them who stands out from the crowd, both in character and in his madness, I’m obviously talking about Trevor. He is, in my opinion, the best character in GTA 5, and maybe even the one in the whole license, and I’ll explain why.


If you still haven’t played the game, my opinion, which is PERSONAL I specify, contains key moments in the history of GTA 5.

Why Trevor is the GOAT of GTA 5

First of all, it’s worth remembering, for those who still haven’t made the history, or for those who don’t care a bit about the details, who Trevor is (beautifully performed by Steven Ogg). He is a huge psychopath but no less touching character, and likes to have control over fragile people. Because of a difficult childhood, he is more than ever afraid of abandonment. Now that the terms are said, let’s get back to the game’s story.

When we start the game, we are dealing with Michael, Trevor, and Brad. The three men are in the middle of a robbery, and when we think we can get away with it, Michael gets shot, and Trevor then believes more than ever that his best friend is going to die there, but the latter ends up running away since it was the only way for him not to get caught.

Yes, but… After having made a leap into the future, and after having played a few hours with Franklin then Michael, we find our dear Trevor, but in rather unfortunate circumstances. While enjoying a moment of pleasure, he stumbles across the information and realizes that his best friend, whom he thought was dead, is still alive. It is naturally that he will go in search of him, in order to find out why, and over the course of the story, we understand that Trevor is a true man of honor and that his friendship for Michael is more sincere than ever. We are then dealing with a man who feels bruised, and more than ever deceived by the one he considered his brother. Nevertheless, despite all these circumstances, he forgives Michael and promises himself never to lose him again.

Moreover, during the game, we also and ESPECIALLY understand that he is quite crazy and he proves it on several occasions: when he massacres the husband of the woman with whom he had just had a moment of pleasure, during the scene of torture, or even when he sets fire to the farm of his competitor and sworn enemy who are none other than the O’Neill brothers. On the other hand, his crazy side also sometimes allows us to find him being chased by several police cars for who knows what reason, or throwing a poor innocent over a bridge, or even completely drunk and wearing a nightie. In short, with Trevor, it is better to be his friend rather than his enemy.

Finally, when Trevor loves, he loves, and not halfway. If he has already proven it with Michael, you will discover over the course of History that the latter is in fact a very tender heart and is very blue flower. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with Patricia Madrazo, Martin’s wife. However, it’s an impossible love, but he loves her like he’s never loved in his life, and he’s ready to do anything for her. He’s so in love, he even brings her back to her husband, and I have to say that this personally broke my heart.

This is how to define Trevor: a totally crazy man, very extreme in his attitude, but who is incredibly endearing. Another scene that also marked me and which made me very sad (yes I am sensitive), is when we finish his robbery in Online mode, and the cutscene shows us a man, supposedly at the drug search, and that Trevor realizes that he is a special agent and that he has been framed.

While Sony’s next-gen console hosted GTA 5 a few months ago, a question naturally arises: can PS4 and PS5 players play together in a single session through GTA Online? We will enlighten you on this point.

GTA 5: Why Trevor is the best character in my opinion?