Guelbenzu says goodbye to the series of judge Mariana de Marco: “The black novel has entered the absurd perversion”


The writer Jose Maria Guelbenzu says goodbye 20 years after the start of his police series starring Judge Mariana de Marco with the delivery of ‘Murder in the Botanical Garden’ (Destiny), lamenting the current situation to which some writers of today have led the genre.

We’ve reached a point where people with little imagination get into a ruckus. In this genre there are two aspects: the crime and mystery novel and then the black novel, which has entered the bloody, the absurd perversion and the figure of the psychopath”Guelbenzu lamented in a meeting with the press.

Although Guelbenzu has stressed that it is not about “going against anyone”, he does consider that this abuse of the figure of the psychopath in current black novels has made the genre lose quality. “It is that this justification in psychopathy is a joke, you have to build a character in a way that their actions are justified by themselves“, he pointed out.

The author, questioned for the reasons that lead him to leave this delivery that has covered 11 years of the life of its protagonist –from 39 years to 50–, acknowledges that it has been a matter, among others, of “laziness “. “It’s that I have nothing more to say, now I would have to go from 50 to 60 years of my protagonist and I’m lazy“, he pointed out humorously.

“There is no more explanation, it is simply that I have reached this age and I have said, that’s it, it’s over, I’m not for long-term projects,” said Guelbenzu, who even doubts that he will continue writing other types of novels – -“of high literary ambition”– with which he has been alternating these years writing this series.

I have two novels already written and from now on, I don’t have any more planned. I’ve always had the feeling of writing something with other projects in mind, but right now there aren’t any and everything is parked: I don’t know if I’ve lost my imagination,” said the writer from Madrid.

Guelbenzu acknowledges that he even thought of making a prequel to Judge Mariana de Marco at the age of 18, although he ultimately discarded the project. He also that her main character is dedicated to the author Juan García Hortelano, because she “was the type of woman who would have excited him.”

The author has remarked that he began writing this series to “get out of high literature” and even switched to the satirical genre with two other titles because “sometimes one gets too transcendent.” “In the end, I have gradually become a literary critic who writes police novels and, to let off steam, humorous novels“, he joked.

Regarding ‘Murder in the Botanical Garden’, he explained that the chosen setting responds to his “love” for this place located next to the Prado Museum in Madrid. there will be an end “harsh and dramatic, but to the relief of readers, De Marco will not die”, has asserted who claims to have focused on “creating a character and being less concerned about the plots”.

The judge begins the investigation of a new murder case while her sentimental partner, the journalist Javier Goitia, unemployed due to the severe crisis plaguing the paper press, decides to narrate the investigation in the form of a journalistic chronicle. “I have introduced this character as a narrative device, similar to Sherlock Holmes’s Watson,” she concluded.

Guelbenzu says goodbye to the series of judge Mariana de Marco: “The black novel has entered the absurd perversion”