Halfway houses are one of the tools to include in mental health

“It is very difficult to achieve the process of rehabilitation of a patient suffering from a mental health problem without the active participation of the family that lives with that person”. This is something that Carlos Tellechea he says knowingly. She has a 39-year-old son diagnosed with schizophrenia 15 years ago, but it was only about five years ago that his quality of life began to improve.

“We were in a really desperate situation, we couldn’t find a suitable place and luckily a psychiatrist directed us towards the Martinez Visca Center. We signed him up, she started going and the truth is that he has made very good progress. Of course the disease remains,” said this father who became the president of the Association of Relatives and Users of the Martínez Visca Centerwhich in turn is part of the Walkers Federationmade up of associations of relatives of people with mental illness throughout the country.

Federation that includes family associations

The Walkers Federationmade up of associations of relatives of people with mental illness from all over the country, has a 2022-2024 claim platform towards compliance with the Mental Health Law claiming: quality mental health care; maximum intersectoral efforts to integrate the users of WE WILL CELEBRATION (Colonies Etchepare and Santín Carlos Rossi) and Vilardebo; national rehabilitation system; promotion and articulation of all protected work initiatives; national system of protected/assisted housing, and local governance in each department of the country. They also denounce that “every day we are faced with: poor care in health centers, lack of resources, lack of medication, non-comprehensive care, problems in hospitalizations in health centers.”

“We formed this association understanding that there is a lot of work to do in our society in what has to do with the rehabilitation process and in helping that process”, he pointed out in the mental health month.

What would those actions be? Tellechea responded that they are many and varied, but particularly in recent months they have focused on asking Parliament for more budget allocations to attend to everything related to mental health, which is managed through the Honorary Commission of the Patronage of the Psychopathon which the Martínez Visca Center depends.

One of the highlights of his claim goes through the Arrayan Programwhat is a transitional housing program that stimulates and supports the autonomy of patients. “It is scientifically proven that there is no possible rehabilitation keeping the patient with mental illness isolated from society. The rehabilitation process precisely goes through a socio-community insertion that allows people to be able to integrate into society”, Tellechea highlighted.

In this sense, the mental health law voted unanimously five years ago in Parliament establishes that monovalent centers should be closed by 2025, such as the Hospital Vilardebo and the colonies Etchepare Y Santin Carlos Rossi.

Calls should be working fine instead. half way houseswhich is part of what the Arrayan Program.

“It is a device that would serve as support and as an extension of the health system in the community so that people, after having entered an acute process and without the family being able to give them the possibility of care or simply not having a network family, have somewhere to go. The truth is that there are very few houses of this type, many more are needed,” said Tellechea.

The Martinez Visca Center It currently has about ten quotas of what is called a social pension and another ten quotas of supervised apartments, in addition to providing support in private homes when needed.

“But this should be nationwide. In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to invest not only in these half-way houses, but also in the specialized team of people who work in them”, he pointed out in dialogue with El País.

Month to focus on these diseases

The world mental health day It is celebrated on October 10, but throughout the month activities related to the theme and its demands are carried out.

mental health

Another major factor of concern that has already been expressed at the level of the Walkers Federation is the absence of rehabilitation policies. “We want to think and work in a Rehabilitation System that manages and supervises a suitable model for the Mental Health Law And let it be for the whole country. This taking into account that there are successful examples in operation and efforts aimed at rehabilitation”, expresses the Federation in its 2022-2024 platform.

Among its demands is to promote the patient autonomy because the question that arises for the relatives is what will happen when they are no longer there to provide support to the patient.

“That is why we maintain that a National Rehabilitation System that implies a common and universal access model”, they maintain as part of the claims.

An issue that is not minor and that Tellechea mentions as fundamental for the necessary social inclusion of patients is to try break down prejudices that society in general has regarding people who find themselves in this situation.

“The accessibility barrier must be reduced and, above all, attitudinal barriers must be reduced, that is, the attitude that society has regarding how patients are treated and the beliefs that exist about people with mental health problems,” he remarked.

Commitment to labor inclusion and coexistence

The National Center for Psychic Rehabilitationtoday called Martinez Visca Center (CMV), works in the socio-community inclusion of people. Created in 1971, it depends on the Honorary Commission Patronage of the Psychopath (CHPP).

What Day Center It works on the support needs that the person presents to improve their functioning, promoting socio-community inclusion. It is organized by Person Centered Planning, so the work for individual objectives is maintained. Supports the family and/or affective bonds.

Among its programs is the Ceiba Program, whose objective is the labor inclusion of people with support needs in the open labor market, something that is carried out with family support. and they have the Arrayan Program of transitional housing whose general objective is the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities, focusing on psychosocial functioning through bonding relationships of coexistence.

The Martinez Visca Centerlocated at Cubo del Norte 3717, currently has about 260 users between the ages of 18 and 80.

Celebration of the first year with a special day

The Association of Relatives and Users of the Martínez Visca Center It has formally existed since October 10, 2021. “We are a group that has been working since 2019, but we had to interrupt due to the pandemic,” explained its president, Carlos Tellechea.

They communicate through a WhatsApp group in which they help each other and organize their activities. For example, next Saturday they will celebrate their first anniversary with a space for recreation and fraternization in the Duranas socio-cultural center (Pedro Trapani 1650).

“We sing, we dance and we recreate ourselves because not everything is protest and mobilization,” Tellechea said about what will happen between 5 and 9 p.m.

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Halfway houses are one of the tools to include in mental health