Halloween: here are the best movies and series to watch on the Prime Video platform

For some, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to indulge their passion for craziest costumesincluding our star friends! – and/or their penchant for sweets. For others, this Day of the Dead, celebrated every October 31st, is above all the right time to treat yourself to beautiful cinema scares. Also, while a new movie centered on notorious killer Michael Myers, Halloween Kills, rages in theaters, Télé-Loisirs has selected several programs for you, in features and in series, available on svod platforms to test your trouillometer from the sofa. Discover without delay our recommendations on Prime Video.

The best Halloween movies to watch on Prime Video

Without a sound : A family must learn to live in complete silence to avoid being devoured by mysterious and terrifying creatures, which hunt with their hearing. Breathtaking suspense for this film led by Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski (also behind the camera), surprise horror hit of the year 2018 !

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Ring : Who could have imagined that a VHS tape could freak out so much? That’s what the film is aboutHideo Nakata released in 1998 (and of which an adaptation signed Gore Verbinsky with Naomi Watts will be released in 2002). The story of a cursed video that would cause death to all who watch it after seven days. Did you say creepy?

The Witch : For his first feature film, Robert Eggers imposes a beautiful aesthetic mastery from the outset. Bathed in the harsh atmosphere of the first American settlers, its history questions beliefs and the excesses of faith. In addition, “The Witch” provides some deliciously scary scenes. No reason to deprive yourself of this cinematic pleasure!

Split : M. Night Shyamalan, director prodigy of Sixth Sense (1999), made a resounding comeback with this thriller of pure anguish. The story of three teenage girls who find themselves in the hands of a kidnapper with identity problems. This one has already revealed 23 different personalities. The 24th, terrifying, is about to emerge. Contrary to Anthony Perkins, the brilliant Norman Bates of Psychosis, of which he makes think, James McAvoy does not need a wig to make live the multiple avatars of this furious madman. Bald head, staring, he delivers a mind-blowing performance. Between horror and superhero film, this feature film with a labyrinthine story holds many chills.

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The best series to watch for Halloween on Prime Video

Chapelwaite : To scare you, immerse yourself in this tale of the 19th century where Captain Boone moves with his family to his ancestral home in Preacher’s Corners. With Adrian Brody.

Bates Motel (integral): Before keeping the skeleton of his mother at home, the psychopath Norman Bates was a teenager… And it’s his youth that this increasingly creepy show traces over the course of five seasons. All this remarkably interpreted by Freddie Highmore (series good doctor) and Vera Farmiga (saga Conjuring).

The Terror : Based on real events, this series chronicles the dangerous journey of the British Royal Navy in the frozen waters of the Arctic. A survival as chilling as bewitching.

Theme: In the 1950s in the United States, a black family leaves North Carolina for a white residential area in California. Their charming home will become a hell, assailed by malevolent forces, coming from the neighborhood and beyond, who threaten to destroy them.

The top films and series from Télé-Loisirs for Halloween

Halloween: here are the best movies and series to watch on the Prime Video platform