He is a psychopathic murderer of Evelyn Aidé; a client killed her: Prosecutor’s Office

Saltillo, Coah.- The State Attorney General’s Office determined that the missing young woman, who was found lifeless in an apartment in the Rancho Las Varas neighborhood, was engaged in prostitution and made the meetings through social networks, the way she was contacted. by her victimizer, who ended up taking her life by suffocating her.

On Sunday, October 16, around 3:00 p.m., Evelyn Aidé, 16, arrived at some apartments located on 16 de Septiembre street in the aforementioned sector; there she had arranged a meeting with her client and her victimizer.

Alejandro “N”, a 42-year-old man, contacted her through Facebook a week before for a weekend meeting, for a payment of 750 pesos.

The victim of femicide, Evelyn, 16, talked about the agreement she made with Alejandro “N”, 42, for a sexual encounter with one of her friends, even on Sunday she notified him that she was on her way home at the that the probable murderer had summoned her.

Evelyn promised to notify her friend when the meeting was over, but she never contacted her again.

Alejandro was arrested yesterday at that same address and confessed to the authorities that the sexual encounter occurred normally, and that they ended around 6:00 p.m. that same Sunday.

At that moment they had an argument, because when he took out the money to pay the young woman, she asked him for double the agreed amount.

The young woman struggled with the man, who weakened her by placing his forearm on her neck, exerting force until he ended up breaking her trachea and causing her death by suffocation.

The investigations carried out at the scene by forensic and criminology experts revealed that after suffocating her, the body remained inert for two hours in the room, then Alejandro practiced necrophilia.

In an attempt to hide the crime, he covered the corpse with lime and wrapped it with blankets and bags, to later house it in a plastic drum that he sealed and stored inside his bedroom closet; He kept him there for two days, during which he isolated himself from those close to him so as not to find out about the murder.

The minor did not arrive at her home and her parents looked for her among their friends, but when they did not obtain any indication of Evelyn’s whereabouts, they asked for support from the authorities the next day.

Agents from the Missing Persons Prosecutor’s Office carried out field work and collected several interviews, with which they confirmed that the minor was engaged in offering sexual services, and requested collaboration from the Cyber ​​Police to hack their social networks.

In this way, the authorities were able to determine the identity of the last person with whom the young woman had contact, and on Tuesday they went to Alejandro’s home, but the subject did not respond to the knocks on the door.

The officers went in search of Alejandro’s partner, who confirmed that he had not heard from him for days, and offered to accompany them to the home they had visited hours before.

At 5:35 p.m. on Wednesday, the agents arrived at the apartment complex marked with number 1634, in the Rancho Las Varas neighborhood, and met with neighbors, who said they had seen a young woman enter Alejandro’s home, but never they saw her leave.

The agents knocked on the door of the defendant’s home again and his girlfriend yelled at him demanding an explanation for his absence. It was then that she questioned him if she was hiding something.

Finding himself cornered, Alejandro opened the door and confessed to the authorities that he was hiding the body of a woman in his bedroom closet, which was located in a state of putrefaction.

The officers detained the alleged killer, who still put up a fight and hit one of the officers in an attempt to escape, but was captured blocks later.

Those in charge of the case obtained clinical records of the detainee, who, months ago, received psychiatric care at the Mental Health Center, where he was diagnosed as a psychopath.

The document specifies that the specialists prescribed controlled medication to the alleged murderer, however it was specified that he did not finish his treatment, assuring that his employment as a food delivery man by application consumed his time.

In the next 24 hours, the detainee could be admitted to the Men’s Social Readaptation Center, once the investigation folder that was opened for the crime of femicide is prosecuted, the sixth that has occurred in Saltillo in recent months.

He is a psychopathic murderer of Evelyn Aidé; a client killed her: Prosecutor’s Office